There is no doubt that wherever Steven Spielberg put’s his name, there is a huge added interest in the product. Spielberg is obviously renowned for his work in the movie industry, but now he is making his way into the video game realm with a casual game for the Nintendo Wii. The game is called Boom Blox and it hopes to take a very simple puzzle style idea and make it one of the few third party titles to really play well on the Wii. Does the Spielberg name have the same effect on the Nintendo Wii that he does in the movie industry? Read our full review to find out!


Boom Blox is one of these games that you just weren’t sure exactly what it was until you put it into your Wii and played it, and even now after playing the game I am not positive on how to describe it, but of course I will do my best. Boom Blox for the Wii is one of the first third party Wii games that I can honestly say does a great job of using the strengths of the Wii to its advantage. Not only is there motion capturing control, but the accuracy of the control is actually spectacular and that really goes a long way with the experience.

More then anything Boom Blox is just a throwback party game style puzzle experience that has a lot of different modes and enough customizable options to make the game your own. There are two single player modes which include Adventure Mode, and Explore mode. Both modes are pretty basic and take you different routes throughout the game. Some of the stages in the game require finesse while others require accuracy, and even others require both.

One of they strengths of Boom Blox is the fact that it really manages to capture a ton of variety in the experience. There are so many different varieties of this game that it would take me hours to explain them all, What is so fantastic about the single player experience is that with so much variety in the experience it’s really hard to get bored of any particular part of the game. What is also impressive of Boom Blox to is that although it is spread with a ton of content all of these different versions are still really enjoyable.

The single player really isn’t the main draw of the experience, because the multiplayer is really where the real content of the game is at. The game allows for up to four players to play with games going from both a cooperative stance to a versus style gameplay. There is once again so much content to be had in the multiplayer aspect, and the game just amps up the enjoyability even more when playing with friends. I had a group of three friends over just to really get the feel of Boom Blox ranging from a hardcore gamer to a solitaire and free cell gamer, and all of us just had a blast with the game. Being that this is one of the first games from EA’s casual lineup I have to say that I really see a market for a game like Boom Blox. If I could describe this puzzle/party game better I would but its the type of game that really requires you to play it to really understand it. What the game ends up coming down to though is that it has all of the content that you would want for both casual and hardcore gamers, easy modes to jump into and enough customization for the hardcore players to last a long time. This is one of the few Wii titles in 2008 that I can honestly say is a perfect example of why the Wii was created, and that is to bring in all audiences to enjoy good old fashion gaming.


The simplistic visuals do have a bit of a negative effect on the game, and although the game needed to be simple, the developers may have hung their hats a little to long on this area. There is just nothing in Boom Blox that catches the eye, nothing that really stands out to grab your interest which leaves an added pressure on the gameplay. The visual representation while playing however works perfectly and really makes the game come to life in a very nice way.

Fun Factor

I love new experiences, I love games that try to be unique, and I love games that are just plain different, and Boom Blox takes all of these areas that I love and manages to make a really good game out of it. There is no doubt on my mind that EA managed to hit the nail right on the head with Boom Blox, it is the type of game that spans several different audiences while still just being a whole lot of fun. The controls as I mentioned at the top of the review do a great job of accurately capturing the speed of your throws, as well as the precession of your aim which once again really helps the experience.


I was not one that thought Steven Spielberg’s first outing was going to be a stellar one, but boy did he and EA prove me wrong. Boom Blox ended up being one of those games that I may not play everyday but similar to something like Wii Sports, when I have a group of friends over, or feel like just relaxing, Boom Blox is a great game for just that, and that’s why I would highly recommend picking up Boom Blox if you own a Wii, it is a must have Wii title.

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