When it comes to reviewing a Nintendo Wii game it can be quite different from reviewing any other platform. There seems to be this added layer of controls/usability that comes into play not to mention the fact that Wii titles tend to be created more for a “general” audience where as many of the console and handheld games are created for a more specific target audience in mind. With all of this being said this just leads me to introduce my review of Boom Blox: Bash Party a puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii that takes the ideas of a game like Jenga and puts some modern technology behind it to make a very unique and new game. This being the second out ing for the franchise, does Boom Blox: Bash Party add the needed flare to keep the series alive and well? Read our full review to find out!


If you haven’t read my review of the original Boom Blox it may not be a bad idea to go back and check it out just so you can start to understand my thoughts on the original game. Boom Blox was one of the first games to try and utilize the Wii’s unique control scheme by making an experience that would never have been possible without the Wii’s control scheme to really drive it. Now Boom Blox is back with the hope of expanding upon the really stellar original to create an even better second outing.

What ends up coming out of Boom Blox: Bash Party is a lot of the original game plus some really nice refinements. Of course you can’t review any Boom Blox game without first mentioning the inspiration behind the game Steven Speilberg who has put his hat in the video game realm and hopes to continue his success with his second installment in the Boom Blox franchise. You can see more then in the original the development team took more risks, they explored more, and it all worked out quite nicely.

The basic premise of Boom Blox is still intact in Bash Party, your goal is still to throw objects at blocks and gather points. This time however there a lot of different ways to do so, and also the ability to do this under water and in space which changes the whole dynamic of the game all together. Not to mention the many different variations on how to take the blocks down and you have a really well developed a full featured game on your hands.

Bash Party is best played with a friend either against each other or cooperatively. Personally I like the competitive side of video games, but playing alongside a friend had some entertaining times as well. The game really thrives with another person though, they will see angles you don’t see, and the competition can really get quite fierce. The game is also set up in a way that someone not all that familiar with video games can easily sit down and understand the game at hand. Boom Blox: Bash Party also allows you to expand the experience past the hundreds of levels by creating your own. Although I am not that big on creating my own, the tools were nicely put together and make for easy integration. Tie that in with the ability to download new levels online and you have a game that truly has an extremely long life span. The game has all of the modes you would want from a party game and manages to continue improving the Boom Blox experience enough to make this another great playing puzzle/party game experience.


Visually Boom Blox: Bash Party isn’t all that different from the original, it just improves upon what was a pretty good looking Wii game. The addition of a whole lot more color and the additional gameplay modes help liven up the visual experience. The idea behind any game like a Boom Blox is to have the visuals compliment the things going on screen, and not detract and that is exactly what Bash Party was able to do. The game offers a more theme oriented approach giving a more amusement park feel that keeps things rather consistent throughout. There isn’t anything revolutionary about the visuals but they do enough to get the job done.

Fun Factor

There is no doubt that the original Boom Blox was fun, and there is even less doubt that Bash Party is even more fun. Basically whether you have played the original game or not is really not all that important because either way you are going to have a lot to enjoy in this game. Not only does it add a lot to the experience but it is really just a more accessible and more enjoyable experience. Top that all of with more puzzles then anyone could even need and you have a game that is not only a lot of fun but has the content to back it up.


Boom Blox: Bash Party once again shows the potential of the Wii to innovate and come out with new unique experiences. If you are a fan of puzzle games, or just looking for a fun experience on your Wii you must check out Boom Blox: Bash Party.

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