If you would have told me 5-10 years ago that fitness games would be the new craze for the video game industry I would have laughed. I may not be the best predictor of what is to come in the industry but what was once considered the industry of lazy overweight individuals is now turning into an industry that actually cares about their waste lines. After Nintendo released Wii Fit we have seen a huge spike in games for fitness on the Nintendo Wii, the latest one from Electronic Arts is EA Sports Active a game that hopes to take a somewhat new and unique approach to your daily fitness routines. How does it all turn out? Read our full review to find out!


The obvious comparison for EA Sports Active is going to be against the leader in the field and that is of course none other then Wii Fit. Lets throw out the obvious difference, Wii Fit uses the balance board for all of its exercise where EA Sports Active comes along side a thigh band to track running and a resistance band. The game can use the balance board, but the implementation is rather half hearted and is not a necessary piece to use for the experience.

I am not going to go through every exercise the game has to offer, that would just take to long and really isn’t necessary. Instead let us talk about what the game offers and how compelling is it to get you to work out. I am not the most fit person in the world but before I had received EA Sports Active I had begun working out about 3-4 weeks prior about 4-5 times a week. So the game came at a time where I was very motivated to work out and eager to give the game a shot.

Getting used to the controls was definitely a barrier to entry even for me a very seasoned gamer. I would imagine for those who are just looking for a workout program and not necessarily all that in touch with video games, the game might pose some problems at first. However after a few days you get really accustom to the games mechanics and I think for those who are motivated to stick with it, they won’t have any problems getting through the games various exercises.

EA Sports Active does have a truly solid variety of games to play both for a lighter take on working out and then those exercises that are just good old fashion down to the point exercise routines.  For me I was really satisfied with the great variety of exercises as well as having the mini games be a good distraction. The one big problem I had with the game was the resistance band. I have done these type of workouts before but the resistance band was far to light weight, and I really think they should have gone with a more down the middle with the band. Luckily you can always go pick up one of the side to improve the experience.

All in all EA Sports Active is a good look at how exercise games should be. Its not perfect, it has some control issues, and the resistance band isn’t of great quality. With that being said the game I think does a great job giving a less expensive alternative to Wii Fit.


I cannot say I was expecting all that much visually and EA kind of went down the path of least resistance. The game takes a very neutral approach giving a very simplistic approach with nice use of colors and environments. All in all the game does a good job of visually representing the actions you need to take on screen and makes clear exactly what the expectations are of you for each exercise.

Fun Factor

I found Wii Fit enjoyable, and a lot of that had to do with the use of the Balance Board. EA Sports Active also is enjoyable but more for the content. Along with having a 30 day challenge, EA Sports Active does an even better job of tracking your progress throughout your exercise regiment. More then anything EA Sports Active does a really solid job of giving a great overview of exercises. It doesn’t really focus on one area but instead gives a really good regiment of workouts for all areas of the body.


In terms of long term use, if you are not motivated to work out EA Sports Active will not make you more motivated. Instead this is a game similar to any other exercise game that offers a quick and successful way to loose weight and get healthy. I really did enjoy my time with EA Sports Active, and outside of some minor technical problems, I think this game makes for a perfect companion for anyone who is wanting to get more in shape and loose weight.

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