FaceBreaker K.O. Party


EA Freestyle, a new brand in the EA gaming experience brings its first Wii attempt with FaceBreaker K.O Party an arcade like boxing game that tries to bring people together to play.  We have seen a lot of Wii games basing most of their focus on the family/party experience and a lot of the times it takes away from the core of the game.  With boxing, a sport that should shine on the Wii given the control capabilities I can’t see how a game could completely fail with boxing on the Wii.  Can FaceBreaker K.O Party not only give a fun party game, but also a solid single player mode as well?  Keep on reading and you will find out!


To start it off FaceBreaker K.O Party does not have a real career mode as the majority of game modes including, Punch O Matic and T.K.O are designed for two or more players.  I guess you could say the main game mode is the Brawl For It All mode which is a three fight draw to receive each title belt.  It is easy to see that the majority of focus put in the game was made for the multiplayer experience which can be a lot of fun with the right amount of people.

The Brawl For It All mode is really what keeps FaceBreaker K.O Party from being a great game as it  takes maybe all of an hour or so to complete.  The game itself is a lot of fun when you get the controls down.  There are enough characters to give diversity to the types of knock outs you can create. I found that each character can be used in different ways for given opponents.  However with the lack of depth of the single player mode the game becomes fairly easy even with the harder difficulty levels.  You won’t find yourself making boxing like gestures as it is easier to just shake the controller and Nunchuck around a little bit to keep up with the opponent.

In terms of the controls I found that both the Nunchuck and Wii Remote act really well in the game with the Nunchuck acting as your left hand and the Wii Remote acting as your right.  You will find that sometimes the easiest way to fight an opponent is by jabbing a lot which is the only non special punch you can throw.  You can also throw some haymaker punches by hitting the A button and also if you have filled up your FaceBreaker meter you can perform a FaceBreaker which ultimately knocks the opponent out.  If you don’t fill the meter after three knockdowns you can also win a fight which is a simple system that works well to keep the fights short and fast paced. Each fight is not determined so much by technique, but by who can swing the fastest and block the best.

The multiplayer modes are a lot of fun as you can get into some pretty intense fights in the arcade mode.  The party style modes are fun, but don’t really leave a lasting appeal with you, just a fun way to get everyone in the room involved.  You will find that the multiplayer mode is definitely needed after the very short and easy single player modes.


You can’t really compare Wii graphics with graphics from Xbox 360 or PS3 as we have seen they just don’t match up to them.  However for what we have seen on the Wii, FaceBreaker K.O Party has some nice innovative styled graphics.  They aren’t perfect as some of the rings lose some of the sharp textures seen with the characters, but do enough to make you notice their unique style.  The characters are all really defined and by that I mean extremely muscular and each have there own look to them.  The graphics definitely bring the arcade feel to the game as you will see the flashy super punches and knockouts in every fight.  All in all FaceBreaker has really sharp animated graphics that to Wii standards are pretty clean.

Fun Factor

The main lacking component to most Wii games is depth which FaceBreaker K.O Party is definitely lacking in.  However, when you are playing with friends or even your family the game has enough to offer to bring an exciting experience.  The fights can get pretty intense and you will find your heart racing in between the rounds.  Going for the belts in the single player mode is a lot of fun, but you really wish they would have added either a story or another single player game mode.


All in all FaceBreaker K.O Party is a decent Wii boxing game.  Its definitely not up to standards with the Fight Night series, but it also doesn’t strive to be.  It is a pretty fun arcade style game that brings people together to play.  The graphics are solid and the controls really work well with the simplicity of the game.  If you are craving a fun fast paced style boxing game then FaceBreaker K.O Party is definitely worth the look, but if your looking for a game that can stand with the test of time then you should probably just wait it out for now.