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Game Party 2

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Game party 2 is a mini-game based Wii title that once again aims towards a younger audience on the Wii.  It seems as if we are seeing these style arcade games over and over and most of them fail to stand out against the others.  To this day I still would rather be playing the original Wii Sports over most of the latest arcade style games.  Can Game Party 2 get the method right in its second installment? The short answer is no.


In Game Party 2 there are eleven different game modes to choose from.  Each are pretty distinct in the type of activity, but when it comes down to it they don’t play much different from each other.  Within the eleven games the more standout ideas are games like Quarterback Challenge and Darts.  You can play with up to four people at a time and sixteen in a tournament.  Each and every second of the game is a failed attempt to produce a good experience and none of the games are going to make you excited to play against three other people.

The only two games I found even remotely decent were darts which to me I don’t see where you could go wrong with darts and ping shot which is a simple way of playing beer pong.  The control schemes can be a little confusing and overall I didn’t feel the calibration was working well at all.  It seemed as though in some games the controls became more sensitive and in others it didn’t matter how you maneuvered the controls the resulting action on screen would be rather random.

When I first looked at the game I thought it would just be an arcade styled game, but each mini game is something you would find in your everyday arcade.  One of the bowling games called puck bowling which is something you would find in one of your old rundown arcades and literally made me laugh in sympathy for the creators.  The quarterback challenge which I thought might be fun was so pointless and reminded me of some messed up pinball machine.  All in all the game has really lacking, the games lacked depth and inspiration and to be honest it felt like the developers did just enough to get by on each game and it showed.


I am never shocked to see some pretty bad graphics in Wii games, but with Game Party 2 I still was dumbfounded.  The menus don’t look horrible at all but the in game graphics including the extremely odd looking spectators and weak designs inside the arcades really make the game all that much worse.  It may be that the developers were looking to just focus on the gameplay portion of the game, but with how poorly the game played I doubt it.

Fun Factor

Game Party 2 boasts on its cover that it is the ultimate party game.  I cannot imagine having fun with this game with other people no matter how much we tried to make it enjoyable.  I can’t imagine how some of the games were put in to create enjoyment and I never wanted to go back and play them again.  This is the type of game that even if you had friends over to enjoy they would ask you to put it away, it lacks depth and capable gameplay and for that you have to really be dissapointed with the results.


I will be honest I never played the original Game Party, but the fact that this is the second installment just disturbs me.  I would imagine that whatever problems there were with the original the developers enhanced them and made them even worse.  Game Party 2 is not a game I could ever recommend for any Wii owner and is just another horrible mini-game style arcade game that relies solely on the Wii remote to make it fun.  Go and play Wii Sports again as it will offer more then this game could ever amount to.