Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Medal of Honor Heroes 2


When the Wii was first started to get a lot of attention and we learned about the technology of the platform, we had a lot of high hopes for shooters. Through the first year we really didn’t see any great uses of the technology, the games that did try were either not strong in the control, or the concepts were just not working with the technology. However EA is back with their Medal of Honor franchise, hoping that it can take its very successful franchise and use the Wii to make one of the strongest shooters yet for the platform. Does the game have what it takes? Read our full review to find out!


I have always been a big Medal of Honor fan, since the initial first few games we have seen so many games following the first that the franchise has taken a lot of different shapes and forms. The big question going into Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is the control, we have yet to see a true FPS for the Wii that has worked and a lot of us have been hoping this would be the game.

So without getting into any of the modes or anything like that, let’s just jump right into the controls. The controls haven’t been totally revamped from the first game, which came out less then a year ago, but they have been improved. The game itself moves quite a bit faster than any other Medal of Honor game. In fact they do this so the accuracy doesn’t become a great issue. You have to understand that there is only so much accuracy you can have with the Wii, and so EA to keep things feeling as solid as possible. You move with the nunchuck and shoot with the B button on the remote, pretty standard. Some things that help the controls work as well is the fact that your shooting range is pretty generous, and makes the experience that much more engaging.

There are other motion control implementation and far from being just a bunch of big gimmicks, they actually work really well. The motion control is some of the best we have seen for a FPS on the Wii. There are still some issues though, things still need ironed out a bit, but in comparison to all of the other FPS on the Wii the controls really work and make for a really interactive experience.

The game has a solid career mode, which is rather short but makes good use of the controls. However, for the most part we have seen campaigns like this from the franchise before, and for the most part done better. There is a story but it really seems like an afterthought in the game. Once you get through the career there is the arcade mode, which is just plain awesome. I loved this mode, its an on-the-rail style mode similar to the old Area 51 games and this is really what I want to see more of from the Medal of Honor franchise. Simply put, it was just a great experience.

And then there is the online play. Online play you say Joel? I didn’t even know the Wii could go online. This is true, not many games have gone online on the Wii, but not only does Medal of Honor Heroes 2 go online, it does so with style. The online play supports the maximum of 32 players at the same time, which is a staggering achievement. The online play isn’t perfect, but it’s really solid nonetheless. It uses the maps from the career mode and really keeps things entertaining and engaging throughout. There wasn’t much issue of lag or dropping games either, proving that games can perform online on the Wii.


We all know the Wii has no chance of competing with the PS3 and Xbox 360 visually, so we cannot use the same yardstick as those powerhouse consoles against the Wii. The biggest issue in the game is the level of detail; neither the character models nor the environments really carry all that much detail. However the game does have some nice effects as well as a smooth frame-rate, which for a game moving this fast is definitely a good thing.

Fun Factor

I have to say I had a blast with Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Nintendo Wii. I can’t say I was 100% expert at the Wii control scheme right out of the gate, but it is pretty intuitive. The game has a ton of content both online and offline. This means that if you really get into the game, like I know many will, this could be one of those experiences that really just grabs you in and keeps you for a long, long time.


The Wii version is such an improvement over the original game less then a year ago. This is by far the best FPS on the Wii to date; the controls are very intuitive and responsive, and that really have driven the game into a very fun game to play. If you enjoy WWII shooters or Medal of Honor in general, then this is a game that you need to check out.

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