Rampage: Total Destruction


I remember not too long ago when I first picked up a game from the Rampage franchise, which quite frankly was one of the most addictive games I have played. It was one of those games that you sat there playing for hours and then wondered why exactly I am enjoying this so much. It is just a good solid game that gave some cheap thrills. Now many years later we have the Rampage franchise doing the same thing it has always done with new names and less success. Now with Nintendo’s brand new Wii, Midway is hoping to revitalize their ailing franchise. So can Rampage Total Destruction turn the series around? Read our full review to find out!


For those who remember the good old days of having three characters to cause destruction with, well those days are numbered. In fact along with the original three, you have twenty plus other characters to unlock as well. This is actually one of the big areas that have changed from the original, which does manage to add some extra depth that is complimented to by the ability to unlock new moves to expand your characters even further.

What was once a great 2D action game has now become what I consider a modified 3D approach that still works on mainly a 2D plain with some 3D depth to go along with it. It’s one of those things that is a bit hard to explain but easy to understand a minute into playing this game. With this extra depth come some issues that makes it a little harder to create destruction than it probably needed to do. This begs the question then did they really even need to go away from the 2D landscape to begin with?

One of the questions I get asked a lot with any Wii title, is how is the controls integrated, and for Rampage I would say this is probably one of the least Wii integrated games out there. You can use the Remote/Nun-Chuck to move your characters around the environment as well as to use some swiping motions to take out buildings and such. The problem here is more the recognition then anything which doesn’t seem to work as accurately as many would hope.

The gameplay is too simplistic and doesn’t really do a whole heck of a lot different from what we have seen in previous Rampage titles. In fact, much of the game really feels dated and you get the feeling that this was a game that has seen better days. In the end, the gameplay of Rampage Total Destruction is quite simply disappointing. This is a game that has a lot of potential and a lot of history, but really besides the amount of characters, the Wii version of this game doesn’t help out matters at all.


Visually you get a game that really looks like something from five years ago and not something that is being released on a brand new gaming console. The characters models are the game’s best aspect, which are full of detail and color and really manage to give the classic Rampage feel. However the environments which look good standing still really start showing major age while you go through the game. It is really disappointing to see a game that could look so much better than what Total Destruction ends up giving us.

Fun Factor

As I mentioned at the top of the review, Rampage has given many gamers some great times, but Total Destruction is not a game that continues this legacy. This is a game that really lacks the heart that we saw in previous Rampage games, and that is probably why the game is so disappointing. To me there are so many things that could have made this game more enjoyable that you are just left with a game that is hard to really want to continue to play.


Being a fan of the series, it is tough to watch Total Destruction really lack any sort of originality. I just wonder how long they expect the same old Rampage formula to carry them forward, as this should be a wake up call that it is time for some serious creativity to be used. In the end, even big fans of the Rampage franchise should probably stay clear from this one.

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