When you look at the games that have already been released for the Wii and you look at the style of controls that you are using, you can see a few specific genres that seem like they would work well with the Wii. One in particular that really seems like a no brainer is golf, which seems like it would be absolutely perfect for the Nintendo Wii. Well it seems as though Tecmo agrees with me on that, and that is why they have released their first golf title for the Wii, Super Swing Golf. The big question is can they create a game of golf that manages to really use the Wii fun controls to their advantage? Read our full review to find out!


For those who don’t know the history of Super Swing Golf, then here is just a brief snippet to get you up to date. Super Swing Golf originally named PangYa, and it was an extremely popular free online golf game that really had some great community that made for one of the more popular free games out there. The best part about this game was the implementation of the online play, which worked really well. Well now we have Super Swing Golf, which is completely offline and much different from what we saw on the free version on the PC. But is that enough to make for a great golf game on the Wii?

Super Swing Golf is quite similar to the free online game, and also features some marked differences. The same style arcade game that we saw on the free online game still remains intact in Super Swing Golf. This is a pretty simplistic game that tries to keep things away from the style of golf that you would find in a simulation golf game like Tiger Woods PGA Tour. The game has two methods of controls to choose from, which include using the motion detection on the Wii remote, or the old way with the timing of a button.

The swing detection is actually pretty impressive in Super Swing Golf, a good deal better than I actually expected it to be. The remote works just as if it was a normal golf club, with the face of the remote needing to be held straight and follows through. What was a bit humorous was that I am in real life known to slice the heck out of balls, and that is exactly what I started to do with this game. You learn pretty quickly the right motions for the game, and hitting the ball straight can be done with relative ease. Putting, on the other hand, is a bit more awkward as you’re swinging still like you’re driving the ball, and the accuracy of this motion is of the highest grade. It took me much longer to grow accustomed to the putting mechanics then it did everything else.

Although I personally actually liked the controls for Super Swing Golf, I found many others who tried out the game not to be as favorable. The game is definitely not one for everyone, and this all lies on the difficulty and the style in which the game plays. I also should mention that the pacing in this game does play a major factor. It’s fine when you and a friend are battling it out on the links and you don’t mind putting the time in to play the game. However, when you have a match against the CPU and you have to see him lay up for the third time in the row, it can become a bit tedious. The game really needed some sort of fast forward mechanic that allowed you to go through the game at a more desirable rate.

In the end, the gameplay all comes down to the controls and taste. Some are going to think this is just an amazing way to play a golf game, while others are going to think it’s ridiculous. Whatever the case, I personally saw a lot of good coming from this game that made for a very interesting and entertaining Wii experience. The game of golf is going to be on the Wii, that’s for certain, and you can see that Super Swing Golf has a lot of surprises.


Visually you got to think with this game that more could have been done to make this a better looking game. The character models are by far the best thing going for this game, which isn’t saying a whole heck of a lot. Super Swing Golf definitely needed some fine tuning when it comes to the courses and course elements (trees, water, ect.), which just feel like games we saw back on the first year of the Gamecube. Out of everything in this game, the visuals were by far the most disappointing.

Fun Factor

I would imagine that there is a good chance of being a sequel to this game, and if so I really hope online play is included. One of the best parts about the original free game on the PC was the online play, and that was of course absent from this title. Super Swing Golf, for what it is, is still quite an achievement. It’s a good step forward in comparison to Wii Golf, which I thought was on the thin side in terms of modes and features. Super Swing Golf does have a good deal of modes to choose from and manages to give a good first golfing experience on the Wii.


In the end, Super Swing Golf may not be the perfect game of golf some of us were hoping for, but it certainly is a good effort. The game definitely capitalizes on its effective use of the Wii controls, which may not appeal to everyone. My recommendation would be to try this as a rental, and then go from there to see if this game is worth the full purchase price.

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