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Target Terror

Nintendo Wii, ReviewsJake


In 2004 Target: Terror was released in arcades around the globe.  A simple shooting game that for some reason Raw Thrills thought they should release it onto the Nintendo Wii.  It’s a game that doesn’t want to impress you with its depth, but its raw, action packed shooting experience.  I as of late have not been impressed with much of anything on the Wii and I should have been warned before giving this game a try.  Check out the rest of the review which believe me won’t be too long.


Target: Terror like the majority of games coming out onto the Wii bases its entire experience on the Wii remote and the motion sensor on the Wii.  You would expect that with a complete first person shooting action game that they would have made the sensor coordinate with your own movements.  This is a game that looks like identical to Area 51 on the original Playstation, and at times the old Area 51 looks better.

The first thing I always look for in a game is its longevity which is completely absent in the game.  There are ten levels in Target: Terror all in which you could put a black screen behind and it wouldn’t make a difference.  Sure the game has different difficulty levels, but unless your flat out bored out of your mind you won’t test your skills through each one.  The game is nearly the exact same as the original Area 51 game and does absolutely nothing new to make it seem as if it was made in the last five years.  The entire game is based off of your pop up enemies that you don’t really need to point at to take down.

You could probably get through an entire level with your eyes shut simply shaking the remote to reload around every five seconds.   Nothing flows in the game and your not going to be happy with the motion sensitivity which is shaking all over the place no matter what you do to keep it steady.

Some mini-games are incorporated in the game, which I am sad to say I didn’t check out until I was about to write this review.  There is nothing to them as there is nothing to the game.  Target: Terror has no lasting appeal as it really doesn’t have any appeal at all with its shaking controls and seemingly weak shooting mechanisms.


When I first played the game the first thing I thought about was how I would accurately describe the graphics which the developers must of left to chance when they made this game.  As I stated earlier if you didn’t see the Wii remote and simply based your opinion off of the graphics you would say the game came out in the 90’s.  The enemies look ridiculous as there faces look like they were cut out from a magazine and pasted onto the bodies.  The backdrops look horrendous and seem like something you could make in your computer class in high school.

The shooting animation is horrible as I couldn’t tell when bullets were released towards my enemies.  The only reason I knew I was shooting at someone was when there bodies dropped with the pathetic animation of blood coming from them.  We all know that Wii graphics are not known to be amazing especially in comparison to the other consoles, but Target: Terror doesn’t even use the capabilities of the original Playstation.

Fun Factor

Target: Terror is a game that could only be fun to someone who is completely intoxicated or is deemed comatose.  I found enjoyment only when laughing in complete amazement at how pathetic the game is.  This is not a game you should invite your buddies over to play and in no way will the Wii Zapper help out to make it more enjoyable.


Target: Terror could be in the running for most pathetic game of the year and I think thats what the developers were shooting for.  It lacks every aspect of what a game should be and is another game that you wonder how and why it was produced.  You would have more fun trying to fix your old Nintendo and failing then playing this game.  Don’t go out and buy this game as to pay any amount of money to put yourself through this type of torture would be a disappointment to this review.