The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


The time has come. The wait is finally over. Today we are reviewing one of the most sought after, one of the most anticipated games of gaming history. If you want to talk about a franchise that hasn’t missed a beat, then you can look right at the Zelda franchise, which has been consistently capturing the hearts of gamers for years. Now with the gaming market becoming even more competitive and Nintendo just releasing their new console the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo is putting a lot of hope into the latest Zelda title to carry them into the future. So without further wait here is our review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. Is this the best game of all time? Read our full review to find out!


Whenever you have a game as high profile as Twilight Princess, you are probably going to have an interesting development story to go along with it. What was once aimed at being the prized Zelda title on the Gamecube after relative disappointments with Wind Waker, the game was plagued by delays after delays, making many wonder if the game was ever going to make it to retail. The game got so far delayed by Nintendo that some did believe that the game was going to get pushed to the "Revolution" (name of the Wii at the time), which as we know now it has. Now the game is coming out on both the Cube and the Wii, and we are here to check out the Wii version, which is a launch title for the console.

Twilight Princess opens up very familiar to what we have scene in Ocarina of Time, where you are instantly introduced to Link’s town and a new problem that awaits them. You live in the town of Ordon, which is just a friendly small town where you do some ranch wrangling and just ride your horse around and everything seems great. Well of course not everything is peachy, because they find some weird activity going around the outskirts of town. All this transforms into this epic quest where you begin by taking Link to Hyrule and from there everything starts to twist and turn and you learn about this epic story of Twilight Princess that is really quite an achievement in itself. You liked stories like Ocarina of Time or even Wind Waker, Twilight Princess is not going to disappoint.

One of the big concerns with Twilight Princess was mainly that of the new Wii controls, which of course are very unorthodox compared to what we have seen on previous Zelda titles. For so long we have just used just simple control schemes and to mix that up definitely made some fans a bit leery. Well I am here to report that after hours upon hours of playing, I have found the new Wii control scheme to not only work for Zelda but in facts adds more of a personal touch to the game that wasn’t found with your normal controller. There is however a learning curve to this, as those who are so used to the hack and slash mechanics will need some time to adjust to the remote/nun-chuck controls. But believe me the end result is actually a more enjoyable experience.

Twilight Princess is a game I could sit and talk about for hours, but I am going to try and condense this review for you just so I can give you a flavor of the game instead of giving the whole game away. The game is paced like we have found in previous Zelda titles, with new environments being opened up as you complete different levels. One of the key aspects to the game is riding your horse, which is done beautifully in this game and works to absolute perfection. Riding Epona and taking out enemies while on horseback is brilliant, and is something that fans of the franchise have wanted for years.

Another big aspect of Twilight Princess is that you eventually get the ability to turn into a wolf, which adds a whole new lineup of moves and abilities to the table, and actually adds a lot more depth to the game than had it not been in the game. Sure it is a little different and takes away from the classic Zelda action, but it actually is quite fun and brings in some extra adventure elements that go well with the game.

Sure there are some parts of Twilight Princess that some may say take away for the experience. For example all of the dialogue in the game is still in text, which means there is no voice acting whatsoever. While for me this just keeps the familiar Zelda feel going, having voice acting would have fully immersed the player into the game. Others may say that this is to much like the previous Zelda games in the past, but I am here to say that the Zelda franchise continues its great gameplay here on the Wii, with really picture perfect controls and one of the most entertaining gaming experiences of all time. To me the gameplay was made to satisfy fans of the series and that is exactly what it does to absolute perfection.


Twilight Princess is a game that was obviously developed for the Gamecube, and throughout the game you do see glimpses of this. However it seems the developers have taken the time to revamp the game’s appearance for the Wii. The most impressive part of Twilight Princess is Link and Epona, both of which really do look fantastic and have a "next generation" feel. Most of the game still looks fantastic with amazing environments and just one of the most immersive gaming experiences that I have seen in quite some time. It may not be as high resolution as we have seen games on the 360 or PS3, but this game still shines as a beautiful gaming experience.

Fun Factor

This was a game that was made for the fans of the franchise and not really to bring new fans into it. This is a game that was made mainly for those who loved Ocarina of Time, as Twilight Princess has many parallels and familiar elements that will make the old experience come back to life. Twilight Princess on its own merits is through and through one of the most enjoyable action adventure games ever made. This is a game that will take 50+ hours to complete, which makes this a game that you will be able to enjoy for at least weeks on in, if not months or years.


Since becoming an editor about five plus years ago, I very rarely give a game a score of a perfect score only if in my mine it stands out as being really one of the best games of all time. And if you haven’t already figured it out, Twilight Princess is a game I would consider one of the best of all time. It may not have the same impact as Ocarina did, but this is by far one of the best games I have ever had the privilege to play, and I think will be one that is talked about and remember for a long, long time.

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