Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


There is no doubt that when the Wii was announced there were some specific types of games that people were looking forward to getting their hands on. Four of which were instantly given to us with the purchase of our Wii’s in Wii Sports, which contained Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Baseball, four sports that were perfect for the Wii’s motion controlling. However all four of these games were pretty shallow in terms of depth and thus gamers wanted more. Well EA is here to help try and fill this void with their extremely popular Tiger Woods series in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. The big question is can EA capitalize on the Wii’s motion controls? Read our full review to find out!


With a game like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007, the main focus of this first outing on the Nintendo Wii is to test the waters. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was going to be a game full of trial and error, and that it would help give EA even more insight to what they will be able to do with their Tiger Woods franchise in the future on the Nintendo Wii. So here we are, the greens are clear, the fairways are open, and the tee box is calling your name.

Let’s dive right into the review with a discussion on the motion capturing of your swing and how it works in Tiger Woods 07. The game opens up with a much needed tutorial, where you are given a hole to work out your swing. You can press the - key if you want to practice your swing, which is good for when you need to check distance. You then press the A button to go up to the ball and swing. Now the game tells you, you can do a full swing and the controls will pick it up. But from my experience a nice half swing will do the trick with a lot more accuracy. The half swing was perfect for drives and long irons, and seemed to be the more consistent and well recognized swing.

There is an extra amount of learning involved in the mechanics of Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii then on any other platform. I would say I worked the kinks out of my golf swing for the first half hour or more of play, mainly on the tutorial level. I just wanted to see what type of swing would give me the best results on a consistent basis. After a while I got really solid at driving and even chipping, but putting was a completely different monster in itself. Even after my review testing I found myself scratching my head at the game, wondering how some swings would end up only hitting the ball a couple of feet. This is a frustrating problem that happens at random moments throughout the experience. Putting takes a long time to grow adjusted to, and even after you get used to it, it isn’t all that consistent.

However I got through the tutorial and I decided to play a good friend of mine in our first opening round. I can’t remember which course it was on, but literally the first hole was a Par 3 and I hit a hole-in-one. The excitement that occurred right when I hit that first shot was truly electric. What is even more shocking, especially for any golfer, is that wasn’t the only hole-in-one I hit during my testing. Tiger Woods 07 is an extremely forgiving game on the Wii, and manages to keep you in good shape for the most part. I found that even if you had a fade or a hook, they didn’t seem as crucial as on other platforms.

The game modes in Tiger Woods 07 are as deep and as current as any of the other "current gen" consoles have, with a multitude of courses and modes to choose from. There is definitely no shortage of things to do in Tiger Woods 07, which makes this an even more attractive package. The game also makes for an even more enjoyable multiplayer experience, because the motion controls really add something else to the experience.

In the end, the final product for Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii is really an impressive package. The controls are not perfect and still have some refining ahead of them, but when you compare it to anything else on the market, it really does stand out as being rather accurate and adding a lot to an already great Tiger Woods game. The controls make and break the experience, and if you can get the hang of the controls the rest of the game is really enjoyable.


Visually I have to say that where the game needs the most work is actually in the graphics, which suffer the most in this experience. First off, the game looks like the PS2 version, and in some areas really lacks from the PS2 version. The character models at times look extremely blocky and have some of those old jaggies that we all used to hate. Also the courses although a massive quantity of them all start really showing some age with a lack of detail and shape. What that comes down to is a final product that looks much less then we would expect from a Wii title.

Fun Factor

Luckily like many Wii titles, the visuals don’t detract much from the overall enjoyment level of Tiger Woods 07. The controls are really the bread and butter of the game and without that this would just be another Tiger Woods game. The controls manage to really add something to the experience and manage to do it in a pretty stellar package. The final results for Tiger Woods 07 manage to give plenty of modes and content with a very nice new control system. The game will grow on you, as you get more and more skilled in the art of golfing with your Wii Remote.


Although the graphics could have used an overhaul, the final product of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Nintendo Wii still offers up a fantastic golf package. Whether a casual golfer or a huge fan of the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Nintendo Wii should be checked out by those who happen to already own a Nintendo Wii.

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