We Love Golf!


Camelot Software, the same guys that brought you the original Hot Shots Golf, and Mario Golf are taking another outing on the fairways with We Love Golf! trying to bring their own touch to golf games on the Nintendo Wii.  With games like Hot Shots Golf and even Mario Golf in their background it is easy to say that these guys know what goes into a thematic golfing game.  Golfing on the Nintendo Wii always appears like loads of fun, but there hasn’t been an overall great golfing game on the Wii since its launch. Can We Love Golf! bring glory to golfing on the Wii, or will it become another failed attempt to make use of the Wii Remote?  Read just a little more to find out!


As mentioned earlier the Nintendo Wii has not found a dominant golfing game to make use of all it has to offer.  We Love Golf! appears to be an all around fun entertaining game that doesn’t need a whole lot of depth to make it enjoyable.  I enjoy games on the Wii that can bring people together for an exciting and fun experience and what would be better to do that then a golfing game with flashy colors and cutesy character designs.

To start it off there are a few main play modes to choose from.  Tournament mode which is the bulk of the game and also unlocks new courses as you progress through it.  There is a training mode where you won’t need to be for long as the game is easy to pick up and play.  There are also a few smaller modes like the near pin contest, target golf, and my favorite ring shot.  Its a very small line of modes to choose from but each bring a little diversity to the game.  We Love Golf also brings an online gaming mode for those of you with Wi-Fi.  This is where I found myself playing the most as the tournament mode became too simplistic after further inspection.

So lets talk about the controls which is a main factor in any game on the Nintendo Wii.  We Love Golf! has one of the best golfing mechanic swings brought to us on the Wii but also doesn’t do much with it.  As you hold the A button similar to other Golfing games you do a full length backswing and as you hit the target point on the meter you swing through.  I myself found that after a few practice swings during training it was an extremely easy way to swing.  Now as you are swinging a very annoying voice is telling you what to do as you are in mid-swing.  Either telling you to start your backswing or the “stop!” as it tells you to end your backswing which makes the game and the swing that much easier.  There wasn’t a problem with the mechanics itself as it creates a pretty fluid stroke, but the main problem was how easy it made the game.  I recently found myself hitting hole in ones a few times in one round of golf, that’s when you know its time to change the difficulty setting.

The main game mode is the tournament mode and is the key to unlocking several new courses.  You can play either a nine hole game or play the full eighteen hole course.  My main concern with the mode is I found it very repetitive and after maybe an hours play on the tournament mode I felt like I wanted to call it quits.  You can be maybe three over par and still be right in the top of the leader board maybe even second place.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ahead of everyone by the end of the nine holes, because once you get the hang of it the game is a simple swing away from completing all of the tournaments.  With this comes a lack in depth in the game and a short simple playing expierience.

My favorite mini game mode is the ring shot mode as it gave a slight amount of challenge.  You start by hitting through a highlighted ring and if you make it through the ring you try to finish the hole under par.  Sounds simple enough, but it kept me entertained for a little while.  Along with this is the target shot mode where you simply hit the ball onto a highlighted region on the hole.  One thing that the control scheme allows you to do is really crush the ball.  If you hit your shot well enough into the backswing region and release at the right point you can really catch a piece of the ball.  This also makes the game very bland as you will find yourself simply swinging away until you reach the green.


One thing that we have all seen in either Hot Shots Golf or Mario Golf is a very vibrant and colorful graphical design on both the courses and the characters. This is no different in We Love Golf! as the courses are filled with extremely bright colors and the characters each have their own little vibrance in them.  However a lot of the times the courses will appear almost identical to one another and although the game is very colorful the graphics themselves are nothing to write home about.

Fun Factor

We Love Golf! is a very fun title for a very small amount of time.  As you first play the game and see how good you already are it is exciting, but when you see that the game is always going to be easy and really doesn’t do anything exciting to keep you playing it becomes somewhat plain.  The only thing keeping the game up to par is the multiplayer which of course is limited to the online structure of Wii games. The mechanics are there, the gameplay has its moments, but the overall experience is still missing something.


Overall We Love Golf! turned out to be another middle of the road Wii title that this time actually made use of the systems controls, but forgot to put in the whole package.  The only thing holding it up are the fluid controls and semi-fun first play experience.  It lacks a large amount of depth and difficulty and won’t leave you wanting to play more.  Keep this game at your friends house for a quick play, but I wouldn’t suggest going out and picking it up for this price tag.