So has Wii Fitness already got the boot, has your daily workout already become a maybe another time sort of thing? Well you don’t want your brand new Wii peripheral to go to waste, and that is why there are several games that are now being developed for the balance board. The first game to use the balance board for something un-fitness related is Namco’s We Ski which hopes to bring the slopes to your Wii. Is the game worth a try? Read our full review to find out!


Why was We Ski release before Wii Fit? I for one was kind of scratching my head on that conundrum, but then again by the time this review is posted Wii Fit has already been out for a few weeks, but I figured out right out of the box that you actually don’t need the balance board to enjoy the game. In fact We Ski actually uses more of the remote and nunchuck then it does the balance board. So let’s get into the controls and then we will get into the game itself as well.

If you so happen to have a balance board then your probably wondering what implementation it has in We Ski. Well basically the only real use for the board is to turn, outside of that your not going to have much use for it. What’s kind of cool about using the balancing board is that you use controllers like you would use them like the sticks to push off and go faster. The implementation reminds me of Wii Sports in that everything in the motions feel very natural. The only real problem I had was like many other Wii games the detection of the control which was a bit spotty at times.

The only other real issue I had with We Ski was that they needed to pick up the pace on the experience just a bit. For whatever reason it seems like Namco wanted to make this game slower then real life Skiing and what this means is that your going to be swinging your arms a lot, and this is sort of annoying. Not to mention the fact that it does take away from the experience which should have been a bit more exciting then what was given in the game.

The game has a decent amount of variety with 14 courses, although there really isn’t anything to really delve into all that deep. In the end We Ski does a nice job of coming out of the gate with a good effort in using the balance board and also combining that with the Wii capabilities to make a decent skiing game.


Wow could this game have done some really simple things to make this a better looking game then what was given. That is not to say that this game is all that bad, its just that you would hope that they could have done some simple touchups and made it look even better. I have to say that this isn’t a bad looking game its just there is no detail and a lack of imagination which does hurt the game a bit as well.

Fun Factor

In a sense We Ski is breaking ground showing us how we can use the balance board for things that don’t require working out. We Ski in a sense is an enjoyable game because it has that initial value that you get out of a game that is different. It reminds me of the old skiing games that you would see in the arcade, and like those games after a few runs you begin to see the flaws in the game and are ready to move on.


We Ski is a game that I would recommend checking out if you already bought Wii Fit, otherwise I would wait to check this one out. This is not a perfect game, it has some issues, and could have used a bit more work, but in the end it still is enjoyable enough to be worth a rental.

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