Wii Play


The argument that many people made against the Nintendo Wii was that it was just a nice gimmick, that once the furor and hype has died down, people will get tired of the console. Well to prove the critics wrong, Nintendo has released a new game once again making full use of the Wii and its motion detection capabilities. The big question coming off the great success of Wii Sports can Nintendo continue to use their Wii to show off another compilation of games? Read our full review of Wii Play to find out!


Having reviewed a few compilation type games in recent weeks, I have to say that I have to take a much different approach when sitting down for these games then I would literally any other type of game. As I have said in the past you cannot judge a compilation of mini games individually for two reasons. First off they were created to be in a group and secondly no one wants to read a mini review for every mini-game that just goes overboard. What you do look at in these cases however, is if the majority of your experience with the mini-games was either positive and negative and go in that direction.

Wii Play has about nine different mini-games to choose from, each of which can be played with either one or two people. Some of the highlights I will be touching on through the review include Ping Pong, a slight variation to the classic Duck Hunt, Pool, Fishing, and Find Mii. There are obviously others, but these are games are used to illustrate my point with my feelings on Wii Play.

So let’s dive right into this by talking about the two major positive aspects to this game, which include Pool and Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt is a bit different then we remember it on the NES, however it is relatively the same game with a few more additions. In this version you have ducks, targets, UFO’s, and other targets that you’re going to shoot down with your Wii Mote. The concept works perfectly with the controller and the responsiveness of the conrols makes the game play smoothly. The other big positive is Pool, which I think makes the most comprehensive and unique use to the Wii Remote, and just is a blast to play with two players. The one thing that these games have in common that separate them from the other games in the package are their depth and their replay value.

The reason I left Ping Pong, Fishing, and Find Mii for later is the fact that these are the games that I really feel could have used more work. Both Fishing and Find Mii are a bit too simplistic and lose their flavor extremely fast. After playing each of these games once I felt as though the game just could have used a more depth. Ping Pong in my opinion just doesn’t play that well, and seems to be the least responsive out of any of the games in the compilation.

I already mentioned that you judge a compilation by the overall performance of the games, in that are the majority of the games enjoyable or not. In this game you have a few classics like Pool and Duck Hunt, which on one hand bring back great NES memories, and makes great use of the Wii’s capabilities. In the end, however I just felt like the majority of the games in the Wii Play compilation don’t pass the test of time. The majority of the games will be fun for a day or two but past that I never really felt the urge to go back and play these games over again. I think that is the biggest issue that holds Wii Play back.


You’ve played Wii Sports right? Of course you have, if you own a Wii it comes free with your console. So talking about the visuals for Wii Play shouldn’t be to big of a surprise for you. Your Mii character is still playing front and center in each of the games, and the visuals are identical to what we saw in Wii Sports. The same use of color, the same style, and the same visuals, just different games to play. Wii Play is a solid looking game that manages to use the Mii’s very nicely.

Fun Factor

Wii Play is a game that needs to be fun because like many compilations out there, this is really what the main goal of the game is - to be a nice simple fun game to play. Wii Play is definitely a mixed bag of mini-games that offers some fun, but the lasting effect of Wii Play just isn’t as effective as Wii Sports. Since the release of the Wii I have consistently been bowling and playing tennis, but with Wii Play I just never felt the desire to continuously go back and play many of the games in Wii Play.


As many of you already know, Wii Play does retail for the full $50 retail price of Wii games, but that is because of the inclusion of a Wii Remote. Now if you’re in the market for another remote then this is a good way to go, as for twenty bucks more you get the game. If you don’t need another remote, then it might be a good idea just to rent this game and enjoy it for a weekend, as past that there is much to find here on Wii Play.

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