Oh My Godheads: Party Edition Review

It's not a party without some friendship-testing competition, and that's exactly what Oh My Godheads: Party Edition brings to the table on the Nintendo Switch. This hectic brawler is the perfect game for anyone looking to jump into some quick and accessible gameplay with friends, whether you're into gaming or not. With a variety of modes and colorful environments to battle in, you'll find yourself loading up the game every time you have friends over.


Oh My Godheads: Party Edition is all about battling your opponents for virtual glory in a selection of different locations. Each environment is unique, with simple but beautiful graphics to boost their style. From a Japanese waterfall to the sands of Egypt, and to the back of a giant crab and beyond, you'll be frantically scurrying around in an attempt to gain the advantage over your friends. On top of these well-crafted environments, you can also pick what game mode you wish to play, and which character you want to play as. After selecting your character from a roster of colorful and quirky individuals, you have the option of setting up teams, or just go for a free-for-all.

The game modes available are Capture the Head, King of the Head, Headhunters, Last Man Standing, and Trials. Headhunters and Last Man Standing are all about killing your opponents and staying alive. Trials gives the option for single player or co-op, offering various challenges to complete in order to unlock more maps. It’s Capture the Head where the game shines, though. It’s like a classic game of Capture the Flag but with a twist; the flag is now a giant, angry head of the gods.


Each Godhead is based on various real-world mythology, but in more ways than meets the eye. These giant heads possess their own powers they can use as they please, usually to the disadvantage of the surrounding players. One head might emit sound waves that knock all players back, while another might turn players to ice. A good example is the Godhead of Zeus, who will haphazardly cast lightning in a radius around the head-holder.

Now, carrying a giant head to a goal and hitting your friends in the process might sound easy, but that's where power-ups come into play. Randomly generated abilities appear in the arena, like giving you an advantage by calling a giant foot to stomp on the competition, or sabotaging everyone by calling down explosive meteorite fish from the sky. There’s even a power to invert other players’ controls with no notice or indication. The game also offers the option to substitute friends for AI, so you can hectically scramble around for victory on your own, or add contestants to a two-player session.


Any fans of classic couch multiplayer games will not be disappointed as Oh My Godheads is purely local. There’s no online multiplayer available, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing as the game is all about that classic party feel. You can play with Pro Controllers, or with shared Joy Cons, making it easy to pick up and play with up to four friends.

As the game is a busy brawler, it can be hard to keep up with it with so much chaos happening on the screen. If you’re playing the game on a portable mode of Switch, this can become a lot more obvious during a four-player battle. However, it can be expected from a party fighting game, and there was not a moment that I was taken out of the game due to frustration or confusion. If anything, the on-screen frantics add to the wacky experience amidst all chaos in a match.

This colorful battlefield will likely be one you return to every time you have friends over, and have a score to settle. It was a lot of fun playing Oh My Godheads with friends, and tackle some of the trials on my own, too. With its unique take on some classic game modes and a simply beautiful art style, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy party game.