Playstation 2, ReviewsChrisOni


Playstation 2, ReviewsChrisOni


Oni features a half-decent storyline at best. It uses the characters we’ve seen million times before in better games. Konoko, the games main character, who just so happens to be cop working for the TCTF (Technology Crimes Task Force). Soon after embarking on her first mission, strange things started to happen and soon enough Konoko begins to wonder who she can and can not trust. But you can already anticipate this because the story is so lame. You see every turn and twist coming a mile away, and even the Konoko is a weak lead character, storywise I mean. It’s almost impossible to take a liking for these characters and on that note I’ll stop because I don’t wont to spoil any more of this already spoiled story line.


Well here’s where the game really goes down the toilet. First, let me say I’ve played through the entire game 3 times and still hate the control scheme. I means you have to use both the left and right analog stick, which just makes no sense whatsoever. The ordinary button (Triangle, Circle etc.) are rendered almost useless, except to reload your weapon and open doors. All your action button are left up to the R1, R2, L1 and the L2 shoulder buttons. This also makes the game more difficult that it should be. On top of that, Oni also uses what it likes to call the L3 and R3 buttons, which is basically just pressing down on the left and right analog sticks which again makes no sense, and the combos are just awful. I think I’ve said enough bad things about the controls, so let us move to the good part.


The graphics aren’t the worst but they’re not best either. The 2 main problems are the dry, almost burnt-looking colors and the horrible looking objects. But at least some of the levels are big enough to make you forget about all of the above and Konoko does move fluidly and realistically. However, she sometimes does look a little stiff but only every now and then and for a few seconds. The game for the most part is just too dark and grimm for my taste, but some will like the dark look and feel of the game - just not me.

Fun Factor

If you think I’m going to put anything here you must not have read the above. The control scheme virtually eliminates any fun you can have with this game. Extremely difficult control equals no fun.


Overall, despite the initial optimism and promise this game manages to fall well short of the mark.