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Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Do you ever get tired of the same old action hack and slash style game that seems to be pouring out into the gaming market over the past few years? I know I do, and I have been wondering for quite sometime when some developers were going to mix up the gameplay and give us something different and unique. Well for those of you agree with me, we are in luck because SEGA has teamed up with developers From Software to bring us another hack and slash action game with quite a few different twists in Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors for the Xbox. Are the twists in Otogi 2 enough to offer up a worthy hack and slash game, or are they in the same category as all of the other ones? Read our full review to find out!


For those of you who didn’t have the privilege of playing the first Otogi, let me tell you something you will find out right away with Otogi 2, and that is that this game is non-stop action. It is one of the few games on the market that doesn’t stray once from its core gameplay and sticks with it throughout, giving you action from the beginning of each level to the boss fights.

In the first Otogi you played the role of Raikoh, an undead swordsman, who in the first stopped evil demons from taking over Japan. In this game Raikoh is back but apparently his powers are not great enough to fight off the bad guys in this game alone. This time around you will have the assistance of four generals, who include Tsuna, Sadamitsu, Kintoki, and Suetake, all of which have quite a large impact on attempting to save the world. What’s funny I think about Otogi 2 is that the storyline isn’t all that great, but for some reason or another I just seemed to get into it, which will be further discussed in this review.

So we have gotten past the storyline in the game, and now let’s get into what makes Otogi 2 so impressive in my eyes. The developers of Otogi 2 you can see had no real worry if this game was going to go along with the rest of the hack and slash games out on the market. What From Software did was implemented their own beautiful fast paced style and made it into their own game. You are given approximately thirty different levels to go through, all of which contain around the same sort of objectives. For a lot games this may be a problem but the action in this game makes up for it.

So you go through each level and take out the enemies in stunning fashion, but that’s not the only thing that can be taken down. In fact the game allows for almost everything to be destroyed, something very few games have successfully achieved. So when you take out some of the environment in the game, it often can be used to take out some of your enemies as well. The gameplay is still very similar to the original, which is not a bad thing, but is mixed up with the variety of different characters you play the game with. This helps to add some more variety to the game and gives you some different looks on completing levels. All of the characters control somewhat of the same but they all have different specialties that can easily be learned by playing with them.

In my eyes this game has only one downfall that can be often overlooked in the heat of the battle, and this is the camera. The camera focuses on you and sometimes can get stuck which will require you to manually move the camera around. This process is unfortunately a tad on the slow side.

With that being said this issue doesn’t really get in the way of the game, nor does the simplistic storyline. This is fitting because the gameplay is just that fast paced, addictive, and beautiful that it’s really hard to look at this game and not be impressed. This game may not be the deepest, or the most interesting, but it really does give you great hack and slash experiences.


The one thing I really enjoyed about the original Otogi was its unique visual style that really can not be compared to by any other game on the market. Although the original had some major shortcomings its style was unique. So does Otogi 2 improve upon there unique style?

I am going to be quite frank with all of you and say that Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors could possibly be one of the best looking action games on the Xbox to date. I just cannot say enough about how well the games graphics are this year. The developers did an amazing job of creating a very nice look character models which are very nicely detailed and high in color. Not only have that but the destructible environments looked great when they are intact and when they are not. The animation in the game which I thought may be a problem with how fast paced the game is, ends up running very smoothly.

Otogi 2 is truly a great looking game, that doesn’t really have any game to compare it to, due to its unique style. For that I must hand it to the developers for creating a great looking action title.

Fun Factor

When I mentioned in the gameplay department that you just end up enjoying the story it’s because of how fun the gameplay is. Usually I find the gameplay in hack and slash games to be pretty repetitive, and although this game does the same thing over and over it just doesn’t get old. The developers created very unique characters and environments that work quite well with this game. I just can’t emphasize enough how addictive the gameplay of this game is, which is why I had so much fun with Otogi 2.


Although I doubt Otogi 2 will be a very high selling game, it ought to be! This is one of the best hack and slash games of the year. And although the game is not perfect, it does enough right in every department to be considered a great game. For those of you, who enjoyed the first one, go run out and buy this game today!

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