Outlaw Golf 2


Golf is a sport where your objective is to hit a small ball into an even smaller hole, which combines to make an extremely frustrating game. I can say I golf, not very well, but golf is a sport that I have been playing since I was a young boy. To this day I am still not what you would call a skilled golfer, but one that loves the game. But not only do I love the game but I also enjoy the video games. Now Global Star has teamed up with Hypnotix to bring us golf with a wild style in Outlaw Golf 2 for the Xbox.


For those of you who played the original Outlaw Golf, it was a game that took the game of golf and attempted to make it more a universal game. When I say that I mean it tried to make the game of golf more accessible for all gamers rather then creating a golf game for golf fans. What you get when you do this is create a very wacky gaming experience that combines a lot of comedy with the game of golf? How does this end up turning out? A pretty genuine experience.

One of the key features that needed upgrading from last year’s experience was the amount of courses, which came to a pathetic total of three. This year they saw the need to add more and now they have a much more respectable total of eight, which serves much better for the game. Similar to last year’s version, the game hosts a mix of different types of courses all with their own unique features about them. These are not the PGA’s finest courses, these are much more public and bizarre.

Outlaw Golf 2 also does a better job this time around with the amount of game modes to choose from. In this year’s version we get the standard Exhibition mode you also have the Tour Mode, and Xbox Live support. To begin this the Tour Mode really isn’t all that deep but it is quite challenging offering gamers a lot of competition. In this mode you go through a bunch of different tournaments and by winning these you unlock more courses, clubs, and costumes. These unlockables, for the most part, are enough incentive to make most want to complete the entire tour mode.

The biggest improvement in my eyes to this year’s version of Outlaw Golf 2 is the addition of online play, which proves to be a great addition to the game. The game hosts the typical Xbox Live features, allowing you and three other people to compete against each other online. You have plenty of options to work with in the Live support which will give most fans of the last game a lot of replay value. In my experience online the game preformed quite well although I was kind of disappointed with the lack of games available thus far, but I would expect in the next few weeks for that number to increase quite nicely.

The biggest downside I have with Outlaw Golf 2 is the lack of upgrades in the gameplay department. The game practically plays identical to the original, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is still some work needing to be done to the game to really put it over the top. Outlaw Golf 2 uses the same sort of swing mechanism as in Tiger Woods, but this one is a lot more forgiving. So in this game you won’t have to be as precise and persistent with your strokes, but it still does serve as a challenge. The putting in the game is a little different from most golf games as it proves to be a challenge. It’s a putting system that at first will deem to be extremely difficult and then once you get the hang of it will turn into being quite an easy system to get used to.

Outlaw Golf 2 does try and spice things up, like adding the composure meter, which goes up and down depending on how well you are doing. Hit the ball in the rough and your composure goes down hit the ball in the fairway and it will go up. Although the system is a little bit on the gimmick side it is a nice addition to the game as it deems a nice distraction from the regular gameplay.

Overall Outlaw Golf 2 doesn’t do anything really wrong but it just doesn’t do much new. The only read additions to the game that are really worth mentioning is the Xbox Live support, which is quite fun, but I think they needed more additions to the gameplay to really make this game a true keeper.


When looking back on last year’s version of Outlaw Golf 2 we see a game that really didn’t have anything overly wrong with it. Outlaw Golf had some very creative characters that all had really interesting personalities. So does Outlaw Golf 2 improve upon this winning formula?

In Outlaw Golf 2 we have a game that sticks with the same formula as the original and never loses sight of that. When looking at the game as a whole you can see there have been some slight upgrades here and there with a little more detail on the characters and courses, but nothing that does much for the game. I was a little disappointed with the lack of animations in the game as you start to see the same thing over and over again.

Overall its not that theirs is anything overly wrong with the games visuals its just I wish there had been more done to further enhance an already solid formula.

Fun Factor

The one thing about this series to me anyways is that it has remained fun throughout. This is for a number of reasons but mainly because it sticks to a formula that makes the game of golf a much more upbeat and easy game to pick up. It does a very nice job of being easy to pick up but hard to master and that’s what makes the game so entertaining. Combine the first game with more courses, online play, and a better tour mode, and you have a game that is really quite fun.


Outlaw Golf 2 was not without its shortcomings but there is one thing to take into consideration, and that is the $19.99 price tag! Combine that with the solid gameplay and decent graphics, and any fan of the original should definitely go pick this game up.

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