There are so many sports games out on the market that at times it can really be hard to decide which games to purchase. Well today, we are going to look at a game that comes from a series that has taken a more humorous approach to the sports world by making out of this world characters, and very different style environments. Today we are checking out a game called Outlaw Tennis, which comes from the Outlaw series (Outlaw Golf and Volleyball), which has been known for laugh out loud humor and arcade style gameplay. So does Outlaw Tennis do a favorable job with the Outlaw title? Read our full review to find out.


Once again for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Outlaw series, it began back with Outlaw Golf, which was actually a surprisingly fun game to play. But for me I just wished the humor had been cleaner, because this is not a game that you’re going to want to play with kids around. Then came Outlaw Volleyball, which was definitely a good game but I would not put it in the same category as Outlaw Golf. And of course, now we have the third installment of the series in Outlaw Tennis, which is actually a budget title. So does this game make it worth your twenty dollars?

Well first off, if you have played the previous two games in the Outlaw series, then you will be very familiar with what this game has to offer, as it really doesn’t move a step away from the series. You can expect the same announcer that you have already become acquainted with, and you can expect a lot of the same characters returning to the game as well. The game still tries to use a lot of "mature" themes to be funny and unfortunately that’s one of the games biggest downsides in my eyes because had they just toned the game down a little bit and got it to a "Teen" rating I really think this could have really helped the sales and helped market this item.

The tennis in Outlaw tennis is actually surprisingly impressive, and although it may not be as deep as, let’s say Top Spin, it really does play quite nicely. The tennis in the game is pretty basic and it will feel a bit awkward at first, as the serving is a little different from what we are all used to, but for the most part the game is pretty standard. You have the face buttons, which can be used as different shots in the game like flat, spin, and slice. With these different options you can of course mix up your shots and that makes this game feel like normal tennis games.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Outlaw game without fighting and of course you still have the option to throw down your racquet and take off after the other player and although the fighting is very limited it is still a very neat feature to be able to use. I just wish they had put more time into making the fighting easier to get the hang of and more enjoyable.

The game does have a career mode, but to me it seemed much more like a bunch of matches put into one mode and labeled as a career mode. With that being said, the computer AI is actually quite good and can be very challenging, and this is one thing that really helps make you want to complete the career mode. Also when you go through the career mode, you can of course unlock new players and things like that.

Which leads me to the fact that the game has Xbox Live support, which is a really solid feature and is one that I think stood out in my mind because it played well online and you can see this was what Outlaw Tennis was made for. Arcade style games are not usually ones to play by yourself, and although you do have the option to do so, I would think that playing with other people always makes the game a lot more enjoyable.

Overall the gameplay in Outlaw tennis is good but nothing more then that. When I look at the different options in the game, that’s when I realize that this is a budget title and I feel like had it been a full priced title and had the developers really had a nice budget to work with this game really could have taken this series to the next level. With that being said Outlaw Tennis is still a good game it’s just not great.


If you have played any game in the Outlaw series, whether it was Golf or Volleyball, you will find that the visuals haven’t changes at all. This whole series has had the same style visuals, and Outlaw Tennis doesn’t shy away from that once. The visuals in Outlaw Tennis do have some upsides, in that the character models are nicely created and have a good amount of detail to them, but on the opposite end the environments just seem rather bland and boring.

I would have liked to see Outlaw Tennis go above and beyond what the series has been doing in the past few years, but instead Outlaw Tennis goes right along with the same old stuff, and for that you just hope that if there is another game in the series they try to do more in the visual department.

Fun Factor

If you take away some of the crude humor in the game, you can find that at the heart of Outlaw Tennis, this game is a lot of fun especially when played with other people. The ability to throw down and fight opponents is great and to be able to just sit down and have a good time with a game is also a nice breath of fresh air. If you found the other Outlaw games to be fun then this one will go perfectly for you.


Outlaw Tennis won’t win any awards, nor will it really gain all that much recognition. But what it will do is it will give you a fun experience and it won’t go wreck your wallet in the process. For $20 you’re getting a bargain with this game, and although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles it still is a very capable tennis game that just has some unneeded humor.

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