We can all remember the good old days of going to the arcade and sitting down to a great racing game. Oh the countless hours and quarters I have gone through at the arcades, especially on the racing games. Now Sega has given Microsoft the publishing rights to their arcade port of OutRun2 for the Xbox. So is this port a worthy purchase or does it finish in last place? Read our review to find out!


For those of you who are looking for an alternative to the ever-popular Burnout 3, Microsoft has attempted to come out with a game that will give Burnout a run for its money. The one great thing about all arcade racing titles it they are for the most part light hearted and entertaining. Arcade racers are usually games that you can just pick up and play and have a great time with, with little to no learning curve. So does OutRun2 provide such an experience? For the most part the answer is yes.

For the most part OutRun2 is a game that combines a very simple concept of racing with a lot of different ideas. For those of you simulation style fans out there, beware this is not a game that encompasses any of your needs. This is strictly an arcade style title, in every aspect of the game. Just looking at this game from a far you can see the true arcade style that the game has and it pulls it off quite nicely. One of the biggest examples of the arcade style is the incorporation of the power slides that become quite useful in the game. In most games power slides end up making you spin out of control, but in OutRun2 it is actually required for you to do these slides to stay competitive in the game.

The first dead give away that the game is an arcade style racing game is just the menu of the game itself. You only have a few options, which include Arcade, Challenge, and Xbox Live. The arcade mode is pretty self-explanatory, which has you choosing a vehicle and a style of mode, which ranges from OutRun mode, to Heart Attack Mode to Time Attack.

OutRun2 has an Xbox exclusive mode, which is the Challenge mode, which allows up to four players by taking turns. This game mode includes three different types of modes, which include Mission, Party, and Race. This is a nice selection of different modes that works great for a party or just a get together with some friends. The challenge mode is really a very workable mode that encompasses plenty of different options to create a very entertaining experience.

The Xbox Live support in the game is probably one the biggest selling factor behind the game and second is the biggest driving factor behind the game as well. For the most part if you have an Xbox Live account you are going to be spending most of your time in this mode as it is quite addicting. The competition online is quite intense and it seems like a lot of people like to smack talk it up on this game as well.

What it all comes down to in an arcade racing title like Outrun2 is the gameplay, and for that the game is quite successful in creating an extremely fun fast paced experience that is easy to pick up and play but quite challenging to master. The game has an abundance of different modes, which include plenty of multiplayer action, which really makes this game a great one for parties and nice get together.

When you compare OutRun2 to other arcade racers out on the market today, it may not match up as well as they may have hoped. The game just doesn’t have enough horsepower to really take over the current tops in the market today. But what they did create is a solid alternative for any arcade racing fan to fall back onto.


Have you noticed that games just look better in the arcade? Maybe it’s because the hardware is wired specifically for the game, or maybe it’s just the whole feel of being in an arcade. Either way you look at it, games always look better in arcades. So does Sega do a solid port from the arcades to the consoles? The answer is yes!

When I look at Outrun2 I see a game that may not be as spectacular as some games on the market, but it really does an amazing job of creating an impressive arcade style flair that really does wonders for the game. The car models in the game are the one aspect which I think could have used a little bit more of polish. Although there are some nice reflections, the game just doesn’t take full hold of all the Xbox potential like we know it could. The tracks you ride on are really wide open, giving you plenty of opportunity to power slide your way through the game.

Overall the visuals of the game are quite impressive, although not amazing, good enough to keep anyone from making any serious complaints.

Fun Factor

This is actually the easiest part of the review for most all arcade games, especially OutRun2. The does a great job of combining great arcade racing to integrate that into both a solid single and multiplayer mode. Although the Live section is not very crowded, the people in there are pretty intense, and the offline multiplayer action is also quite riveting. When you can tell a real fun arcade racing title from the others is when it is fun playing by yourself and that is another thing OutRun2 accomplishes.


OutRun2 may not be the best arcade racer out on the market today, but it does prove to be a worthy title. The game has plenty to offer arcade racing fans with its solid online and offline play. For those of you who are losing interest with Burnout 3 may defiantly want to check out OutRun2 as it gives a solid gaming experience.

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