Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World 3


Every time I see a game that is based off of a classic series, it always makes me wonder; what is the reason for trying to make a classic series something that its not. Sure success has been made in this field, but this has been somewhat of a varied adventure. I know personally it is hard to see some of these legends get bad reputations in this new age of gaming. Now one of the greats is back in Pac-Man World 3, where Namco teams up with Blitz Games for the third time to try and bring Pac-Man back to life. Is the third time the charm? Read our full review to find out!


So to just get it out of the open, the Pac-Man World series has not been anything worth going crazy about. The two games have both been rather lackluster, with nothing really "wrong", but also nothing that warranted sequels. So the big question is why bringing back a series that really hasn’t warranted a need? Well because it’s Pac-Man of course and who doesn’t love Pac-Man? I sure didn’t.

The story line in Pac-Man World 3 is not something that I would consider a very influential part of the game, however it does get the job done. Basically you are Pac Man and it is your job to save the world once again from evil. Not getting too far into the game’s storyline (obviously), this is really one of the more typical action stories around, so don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. There are some bits of comedy to be found in the game, but let me just drive home the point that the story is not a key part of the game.

Alright so we get it, the story isn’t a huge deal, but of course the gameplay could always pick up the slack. Does it? Well to be honest Pac Man World 3 is really a mixed bag. First off for someone who didn’t love Pac-Man World 3, I was at first very scared to say that this game felt very similar to Pac-Man World 2. But as I gave this game a little more time, it seems as though some things have changed, just not as huge as one might hope. The game still consists of very comparable platforming with what feels like to me an added importance of puzzles. These puzzles unfortunately don’t vary themselves all that well, and this is a key problem that holds this game back.

The actual gameplay just isn’t that exciting, as it never really makes you feel like wow, they really tried to separate this game from other platformers out there. Instead I was left with the feeling that it just kept it on a very similar path. Sure there are some portions of the game that can bring back a little retro feel to you, that may remind you of the good old days, but even this feeling wares away much to quick. In the end, the gameplay is just your standard experience that never goes above and beyond average.


Visually Pac-Man World 3 feels very similar to what we saw in the previous game. This means that Mr. Pac-Man himself looks great with plenty of detail, tons of color, and just a real nice Pac-Man look. On the other side of things, the environments are just pathetically bland and boring, and really lack any sort of originality. When I look at this game I just feel as though there could have been so many areas where more detail could have been added or where they could have offered up more variety. In the end Pac-Man World 3 isn’t a terrible looking game, but it sure had plenty of room to improve.

Fun Factor

There are very few games where I run out of things to say about the game, but Pac-Man World 3 is one of the few that just left me with a very "bleh" feeling. It just never managed to leave a lasting impression on me. When I was playing this game it just felt so standard and so run of the mill, that there just never was anything unique about this game. Literally almost everything in this game was done in the second game, and although I am sure there were some who enjoyed that game, having to play the same game just was not very entertaining.


Pac-Man World 3 is not a bad game but it just saddens me to see such a beloved series to come back and not do well. Pac-Man World 3 is a game that shows an average platforming experience that has a lot of room for improvement. If you enjoyed the second game, you may enjoy more of the same in this game. But for the rest you can go back to some retro arcade and enjoy the real Pac-Man, because this game unfortunately does not do him justice.

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