Pac-Man World Rally


Many of the biggest names in video games have found themselves in their very own Kart racing game, whether it be Mario or even the more recent Jak from the Jak and Daxter series. The Kart racing genre is actually a lot more popular genre than some people may be believe, mainly for its pick up and play appeal and its fun nature. One character that has been due for a kart racing game is our friend in yellow, Pac-Man. So how does he do in his first Kart racing adventure? Read our full review of Pac-Man World Rally to find out!


One of the interesting things about Kart racing games is that although they are never really marquee games they usually find a way of grabbing an audience. It’s like when people think of Mario, usually you talk about one of the great Super Mario games, but very rarely does anyone just bring up Mario Kart as being great. Kart games are just good fun, and that is exactly what Pac-Man World Rally wanted to bring to the PSP.

Pac-Man World Rally takes all of the different characters that you may or not know from the Pac-Man series. There are characters Pinky, Clyde, and even Ms. Pac-Man. There are a decent amount of riders to choose from, some of which I think you will know, and others most probably will be scratching their heads. There are some differences to each Kart, but nothing overly dramatic. The game keeps things pretty even between the characters, so choosing one isn’t all that difficult.

Ok so getting into the gameplay, Pac-Man World Rally has the typical lineup of modes to choose from, whether it is the quick race or a circuit race. There are like I mentioned a good deal of racers that compliment a decent amount of tracks. The game really has everything it needs to be a very proficient racing game, except for the gameplay to back all of this up.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Pac-Man World Rally is that it really lacks any sort of originality. What most will find right out of the gate is a game that feels way too much like any other Kart game out there, especially Mario Kart. The game uses the same sort of racing style and has the same concept for power ups. The racing itself is extremely easy, even on the harder difficulty levels. To me the biggest drawback of all is the track designs, which besides one or two, are all bland and uninspired.

Pac-Man World Rally is a game that could have just been good fun on the PSP, but the final version of this game felt more like a beta release. You just get the feeling when playing this game that it could have seen better days. For anyone who has played a Kart game, you will find out pretty quickly that unfortunately most games have been done much better then this one.


Visually the game is not bad, but one of the problems it struggles with is finding its own image. Similar to the gameplay, you get the feeling that Pac-Man World Rally is just a mirror of other Kart Racing games already out on the market. The game does use a good deal of color, and although the tracks aren’t overly original, they are presented pretty nicely on the PSP. The game flows well, and the animations are solid, I feel however that you just want to see more from a game than what was offered in this title.

Fun Factor

Even though the game does feel a lot like other Kart racing games out there, it doesn’t mean it is totally uninteresting. The racing is extremely easy but it plays well enough to be somewhat enjoyable. The game does have some multiplayer options, which are good fun, and in fact I only wish there had been more, as these were some of the better parts of the game. I am sure we have all had these experiences where you just sit down and play a game and you get that gut feeling that things just aren’t looking up for the game, that is the feeling I had the whole time I was playing this game.


It is not so much that the development of Pac-Man World Rally was necessarily bad, it was just that the end result could have been much more original than what we were given. For all those wanting another chance to relive the good old days and try Pac-Man out on his new wheels, then you may want to rent this game. Otherwise I would say stick with the many other great Kart racing games already on the market.

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