To be honest the amount of games coming out for this Nintendo DS platform has been shaky thus far, and it has left a lot of us DS owners (including myself) scratching our heads trying to figure out what’s going on. With that being said today we got the chance to check out one of the few DS titles out there that was just recently released by Namco called Pac Pix. So does this little puzzle game use the dual screens to its advantage, or is this platform still searching for its roots? Read our full review to find out!


To start this review, let me first say that this game is just plain odd. The concept of this game is one that might scare some of you off, just because we really haven’t seen anything quite like it. The game starts with you drawing Pac Man. And I am sure your response is what’s this, a coloring game. Well now actually the Pac Man you draw is going the be the character you use throughout the game, not dissimilar to Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color for the PS2. Ok so once you have drawn this mutant that is supposed to resemble Pac Man, trust me it is harder then it looks, the game thus begins.

Ok so your Pac Man goes into action and he will just start moving and then it is your job to draw walls in order to stop Pac Man and direct him to eat all the bad guys. Depending on how you draw your Pac Man will depend on which way your character will move at the beginning of the level. So in order to control your character you have to draw walls on the screen in which will change your characters direction to take out all of the bad guys on the screen.

So do all of these concepts work or are they just concepts that should not have made into a game? Well at first I must say I was kind of skeptical but to be able to see your own creation on screen is a neat little feature that actually is pretty fun. The game takes you back to the good old days of Pac Man glory, and this game was the first in a long time to remind me how much fun I had with these games.

The one thing that I wish the game had more of, is depth, in which the game only has twelve chapters, which doesn’t honestly translate too much in terms of gameplay time. With that being said, this is one of those games that you can play more than once, and trust me you’re probably going to want to. This may not be an excellent game, but it is a Pac Man game that keeps you entertained from start to finish.


Well to be honest the game doesn’t have much in terms of graphics, and this is mainly because you draw the main character, and everything else in the game just comes along for the ride. The environments in the game are not all that impressive but get the job done, and the enemy models are pretty average at well.

Overall the visuals are nothing to brag about but they get the job done for what this game is trying to accomplish. I highly doubt anyone will complain but I also figure there isn’t much to brag about either.

Fun Factor

Pac Pix is an extremely fun game to play, especially if you were a fan of Pac Man. I really enjoyed playing this game the first time through, for just the "wow" factor of seeing your creation on the screen eating up the bad guys. But the big downside to this game is the lack of things to do after the first few hours because that’s basically all of the depth the game has. With that being said if you enjoyed Pac Man you’re going to enjoy this game to.


Very few times in the DS short history have we seen games actually use the touch screen to its advantage in the way that this game did. Does it take the DS over the top and make it a worthwhile platform? Not quite but the game does make for a real fun experience that will be enjoyed by fans of the series and new fans as well.

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