PaRappa The Rapper


This is what I love about Sony; they have never been a company to shy away from something different, and that is exactly what Parappa the Rapper is - different. Heck this was really the beginning of the whole music video game craze, and Parappa was just an extremely fun game to play. I was shocked not to see a ton more of the titles on the PS2, but alas we are finally getting another fix of our favorite video game rap artist, Parappa on the Playstation Portable. Can this game pack the same kind of punch on the PSP? Read our full review to find out!


For those of you who think this is a game full of terrible rapping, you actually might be surprised by the uniqueness of the music in this game. I will admit the first time several years ago when I got the original PS2 version I was not looking forward to reviewing the game, but wow did it surprise me. The game has a sense of style that is inevitably going to be called cute, but at the same time it carries its weight without any problems. So the style actually plays a relative big role in the overall scheme of the game, which is a big staple for the franchise.

In general, there is not actually a lot new for this title, as it is going to seem almost identical to those who played the original version. That is because outside of a few minor tweaks and additions to the game this is the exact game. Which brings up the question why re-release a full UMD version when the game seems far small enough to hit the Playstation Store. Well with that being said, even though it is an older title it certainly didn’t stop Sony. The game was at the beginning of a revolution, and even though the genre has evolved quite a bit, this is still a game that holds up pretty well.

The basic premise behind the game is you watch the teacher show you some moves and you follow it, the old Simon says style. The fun aspect to this game is that the rapping in this game is catchy, original, and fun to play. The songs are really the real winner in the game, as they give off just an extremely solid atmosphere that makes anyone want to sit down and get into it. I was playing one of the early stages when a friend walked over and just immediately got really into it. It is just one of those games that is real easy to enjoy and literally anyone can pick up play.

The biggest issue with the original game and this title is its staying power, which can be completed in less then an hour if you really give it a go. There isn’t a lot of purposeful replay value in that much of the game is just you trying to get better and better scores. There is some multiplayer added to the game but it is not even worth discussing, because it is so not worth even checking out. In the end, this is still the rhythm game that started it all, and even though it is short and sweet it still packs a small punch.


Visually the game is stunning. Most impressive is the fantastic use of color that is vibrant throughout the whole experience. I have to say the translation to the PSP has paid off dividends for the game, which now looks much sharper than before. The character model are still the classic Parappa just with a much crisper and more detailed appearance. In the end, the game is short and sweet but the visuals are really what make the overall experience that much more enjoyable. Then again there isn’t much visuals in the game, so going any higher than average would probably be too much.

Fun Factor

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the trip down memory lane, especially being that this was really a truly revolutionary game for its time. However being an honest editor also means that I have to check its relevance and its enjoyability for today, and I still find that it’s hard to want to put down this game once you get into the rhythm of Parappa. The raps aren’t anything to go crazy over, but they are simple yet catchy and that is exactly what you need from a game like this. Unfortunately the lack of new content makes this game wear out its fun factor far to quickly.


The final verdict on Parappa the Rapper for the PSP is that it is still a very good game just far too short and far too basic. It is unfortunate that Sony wasn’t able to do more with this classic game, to take it to the next level. Unfortunately I would say for anyone even interested in this game, renting is your best option it - is the perfect amount of time with this title.

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