Pinball FX-2: Guardians of the Galaxy

I always enjoyed pinball as a kid. It was simple, and lacked random additional mini-games. In a way pinball was one of my first video game experiences, if you can call it that. I can still remember being a kid and going down to the bowling alley and just playing pinball. If you loved pinball then, or still love it now, then this is certainly a game for you to pick up.

The Guardians of the Galaxy film took the world by storm this summer, and though I haven't seen it myself I've yet to hear a single bad thing about it. As with all things this big, we should expect to see it adapted across all forms of media in some way -- after all, film isn’t the only way to make money. Crossing pinball and Guardians seemed like an excellent idea, and the developers managed to deliver a great product.

Instead of starting out like regular pinball, Guardians of the Galaxy has a unique hook to how you launch the ball. Pinball players are used to one ball being launched and you’re on your own. Instead what you get is a barrage of balls and a timer. The goal? Get as many points as you can in 60 seconds, and lose as few balls as possible. It absolutely took me by surprise, but it wound up being so fun and chaotic I really enjoyed it. Once this speed round is over, traditional pinball takes over. The more I played this game the more I enjoyed it. My scores kept getting higher as I grew more in tune with the unique aspects of the board, and it's the most purely enjoyable gaming experiences I've had on a console in a long time.

The game plays very well, the lights, the scores, the sounds; everything is just as it should be. I have no complaints what-so-ever about the mechanics or any aspect of the game itself. I haven’t played a better pinball video game in my life. If you are fond of pinball then this is an absolute must. The best part about Pinball FX-2 is that it is, by itself, free. The only things you’ll ever have to pay for are the additional tables. There are plenty of other cool tables as well. Along with Guardians of the Galaxy there are also tables for Captain America, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and many more!

I can’t explain enough how much I would recommend this game to anyone. It is as close to perfect as a pinball game can be. The mechanics are excellent. The sounds and effects are spot on to a real pinball machine. It gives you everything that a pinball game should, minus the noisy arcade atmosphere. Even if you haven't seen the movie or read the comics, this table should still be enough to entertain you.