Planet Coaster Classic Rides Collection Review

With a near-constant stream of free and paid DLC — not to mention a deluge of user-created content via the Steam Workshop — Frontier’s Planet Coaster has to be the preeminent theme park/coaster sim. Certainly, there are other products in the same space but Planet Coaster’s winning combination of colorful, personable and detailed visuals, ease of use and staggering variety of possibilities makes it easy to lose hours and days building and tinkering with the ultimate theme park.


Past DLC has included both design elements, shops and scenery in addition to attractions, but Classic Rides focuses entirely on a relatively small number of coasters, flat rides, track rides and park transportation. As usual, the rides are loosely based on real-world models and include pre-made attractions as well as the ability to deconstruct and rebuild custom creations.

The new pack includes two coasters, two track rides, five flat rides and a hanging gondola transport. Highlights include Armada, a boat ride just made for those dark, Pirates of the Caribbean inspired attractions, and Infinite, a coaster with a large number of lift options. Two of the flat rides — Rising Raptor and Golden Eagle — are essentially two minor variation of the same attraction and Sky Temple is a rising observation platform with an Asian theme, thus limiting its usefulness as a general park feature. Machina Classica is a simple roadster tracked ride that is reminiscent of vintage amusement parks when driving was a novelty.


While just about every ride or attraction in Classic Rides has some utility to park designers looking for that one, very specific element, overall this pack feels a little thin in comparison to some of Planet Coaster’s more robust DLC. Lack of new shops, scenery, or other design elements and the absence of any truly mind-blowing rides is a bit disappointing, but there is no doubt that Planet Coaster devotees and completionists will want to add these rides to their toolbox. Planet Coaster remains both hugely entertaining and addictive, and it’s hard to pass up even a modest addition to the game.