Project: Snowblind


I got to be quite honest with you guys, it is a tough time to be developing first person shooters, especially after Halo 2 and Half Life 2. You are going up against some extremely tough competition. With that being said, I must say that there are still many games attempting to tap into the market and get their fair share of the FPS market. Well today we got to check out Crystal Dynamics’ latest first person shooter that takes inspiration from Deus Ex and evolve it into a great first person shooter.


You know for the first quarter of the year I must say that we are seeing quite a few big name titles. One of these is Eidos’ Project: Snowblind, which has gotten a lot of attention over the past few months. Why you might ask? Well my reasoning for all of the hype is that there are a lot of fans of Deus Ex and the game really tries to mirror the style while providing a unique FPS experience. Not only that but this game has promised plenty of weaponry as well as a solid multiplayer experience. Now can all this hype be matched is the question that still needs to be answered.

One of the biggest attributes of Project: Snowblind’s single player mode is its storyline, which is told in very well made cut scenes. The year is 2065 and you play as a pretty normal solider by the name of Lt. Nathan Frost. He volunteers to become a "super-soldier" for the Liberty Coalition. It is from here that our buddy Nathan gets all of his neat abilities which play a rather large role in the game. The storyline isn’t the most intricate one in the world but it does enough to keep you quite interested throughout the game.

What Project: Snowblind does in its single player campaign is what many other games have tried yet failed at before, and this combining stealth missions alongside a pretty typical first person shooter. Speaking of the stealth missions they are found periodically throughout the game and for this there are two options. Option number one is to play the game in the manner in which it was intended and that is to try to sneak your way around the levels. And then there is option number two, which I think more people will do, is to just go in all guns blazing. Both options work, but I just find the second one to be a lot more thrilling than the first.

So what makes Project: Snowblind different from other first person shooters on the market today? First and for most, Project: Snowblind is a game that attempts to add other gameplay elements in the first person shooter genre. With Nathan’s abilities you can get quite a few different options at your disposal. For example you have upgraded sight in the beginning of the game, which of course is a major help. I don’t want to give all of these abilities away but to sum them up they are all extremely fun and add a lot in terms of the gameplay.

When you are done with the single player portion of the game you can always head over to play this game online. While online you get a pretty sweet setup of options and a very smooth ride. What I really enjoyed with the multiplayer portion of the game was that you get to use a lot of the abilities in the single player mode online. This is not something you see very often in games as they all seem to be pretty stripped on one end. The PS2 really doesn’t have a standout (in my opinion) first person shooter, so this makes the online play all the more enjoyable.

Overall Project: Snowblind is a really neat experience that will keep you interested throughout. My only gripe with it is that it doesn’t make that leap from good to great. It is a pretty standard FPS with a great story and some neat features.


Of course for the most part people seem to have the most comparisons with this game in Deus Ex in the visual department, which is in all honesty pretty similar. But is that really a bad thing?

The visuals of Project: Snowblind will not blow you away but on the same token won’t leave you with anything to complain about either. The character models are in my opinion the least impressive of the game as I didn’t find them to be overly detailed or well created. But on the flip side the environments in the game produced plenty of memorable environments that all in my opinion were beautifully detailed and really kind of set the futuristic tone quite nicely.

Overall Project: Snowblind is a good looking game but nothing more then that. The game does have some rough edges but it doesn’t do anything to really hurt the overall performance of the game.

Fun Factor

Project: Snowblind is like I mentioned earlier in many ways a pretty standard first person shooter. But with the upgrades that your character gets, along side a very interesting storyline, this game really provides one of those experiences that is just plain fun. In many ways this game reminds me of THQ’s Red Faction in that it doesn’t do anything all that out of the ordinary but still remains to be an extremely fun game.


Project: Snowblind is a solid game and there aren’t many other ways to say it to be honest with you. It has all the making to be a great game but just doesn’t do anything to really make it to a great game. If you are looking for a new online PS2 FPS, than this game is a great choice for you.

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