Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice


The PSP has been struggling for original content, whereas the Nintendo DS has thrived because of it. One of the few titles that I have really thought of as "new" or "fresh" was last year’s Pursuit Force, an over the top action game that took things to the next level in terms of portable action games. The game however was a bit too repetitive, and struggled to gain a large following. However Sony had much confidence in the franchise and has given the game another shot on the PSP with Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. Does this game succeed where the last failed? Read our full review to find out.


I gave the original Pursuit Force an eight out of a ten, with is a solid score to say the least. I gave it this score because it was a very simple but enjoyable game. However that is the first game that stood out to me as a great "pick up and play" sort of experience that would be perfect for a portable game. But can this sequel continue on to improve on where the groundwork was laid by the original?

The game is set up in a familiar fashion for anyone who has played the original game. You’re still the same character who is now further up the ranks but just because your further up doesn’t mean crime is less rampant. There is a huge prison break and now the escaped convicts are wrecking havoc all over the place, and it is your job to stop it. So the game consists of five big acts which then are broken down into smaller missions.

Similar to the last game, we see a lot of variety in the measures of transportation you use to "pursue" your targets, which include cars, boats, and motorcycles. The game also managed to make the action even more in your face than before, there is a bit more sequenced action in this game as well. What comes of this is actually an extremely easy start to the game. No one is going to struggle at all with the first act, or the second. The difficulty take a bit longer in this title to ramp up, but luckily the game rewards those who stick with it for the later parts of the game with much more well rounded and interesting gameplay in the final few acts.

There are some changes though in the sequel. Now that you have been promoted in rank, you have some recruits who are to come along to help assist you with some of your missions. Unfortunately the amount of help they provide is pretty limited. I really don’t think this was one of those "necessary" additions to the game, it seemed to be running just fine without any help and the addition just makes for something to complain about.

There is some multiplayer action but my feeling is that not too many are really going to be thrilled by the implementation. I happened to take it for a quick spin and am here to report that if you do have some buddies playing along, it’s worth a spin. But then again don’t expect this to be something you want to do on more than one occasion. There are a few different modes as well, all with similar underlying premise and all of which work but not exceedingly well.

The game is just a bigger, more explosive version of the first game, with very little that necessarily advances the game to the next level. However at the same time the sequel fixes some of the gameplay issues that we had with the original, and offers a much improved experience.


This is where the game has seen the strongest sense of improvements, mainly the amount of detail in the destruction on screen is really impressive. The first game was a solid looking title and this game just continues to improve upon that adding another layer of fine tuning as well as variety. With all of the action the game functions very nicely and stays at a constant frame rate with very few dips.

Fun Factor

I have to say, just like the original, this is a very fun game. It could be a bit deeper, it could be a bit longer, but overall it is a lot of fun. What I like most about this series is that it offers but a short sit and play feel along with a nice hour or so of game time. So the ability to go for a short or long distance is great. Not only that but there is no reason why you can’t go for more then one go through, through a level, it’s not like there is a huge underlying sequence of events that you need to go through in order.


This isn’t a huge leap forward, it is more of a gracious step forward that offers enough to keep the game at status quo. This game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it just improves the wheel to last longer and perform better. If you were a fan of the first make sure to check this one out as well, if not there are probably other fish in the sea.

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