Quest of Vidhuraa Review

Within the last few years there has been a huge rise in the popularity of platformers. It's no exaggeration to say that the games landscape has been dominated by open world exploration and first person shooters for a long time. Now we are seeing more and more of a platformer resurgence. Having grown up with these sorts of games, I certainly don't find that to be a bad thing. We've been given excellent hardcore platformers, like Super Meat Boy, Celeste, and Spelunky. Now, we have Quest of Vidhuraa which stylizes itself as "Hard Platformer Game? No. Very Hard Platformer Game." But does it belong in the master class of hard platformers? Sadly, no. Let's find out why.

Quest of Vidhuraa is indeed quite hard. You'll be platforming across a wide variety of stages where everything is trying to kill you. This is par for the course for these sorts of games, as it's light on story and heavy on platforming. To be frank, though, the challenge doesn't always come from the game's level designs. Many deaths feel cheap and glitchy. Sometimes I would encounter a challenge and feel like I really should have succeeded in it. I felt like I did everything precisely and still I would die. I couldn't quite place my finger on what was causing these issues for some time. Overall, it soured the experience for me. Platforming games, more than any other, need precise and masterful controls. Unfortunately, Quest of Vidhuraa doesn't have them.

I eventually figured out the primary culprits. The first is that Vidhuraa (the little purple player character) will keep running after landing a jump. He sort of slides across the ground for a few extra seconds but some other times he doesn't. This inconsistency creates a lot of confusion in regards to the physics, because I never knew if a jump would give me extra horizontal movement or not. The second contributing factor is the wall slide. Almost all of platform games have some sort of a wall slide. You press the movement button when facing the wall to slide down rather than simply falling. Quest of Vidhuraa does this differently. The wall slide activates automatically and your falling speed is unaffected. What this means in practice that the wall slide is not only unintuitive but also quite dangerous. You will automatically want to press the button to lean against the wall, but that will only cause your wall jump to be short. Finally, the game's physics regarding wall jumps are all over the place. It was truly a crap-shoot as to whether wall jumps would go in a direction I wanted them to.

Now, maybe I'm being a bit too hard as underneath the surface there really is a polished and tight control scheme that is just a bit unintuitive. But I felt slighted and frustrated, and it didn't inspire confidence in my judgment of the controls. Quest of Vidhuraa isn't all bad, though, as it has some fun features. For example, the game always shows you where you died by leaving little ghosts behind. These don't really add to or detract from the level, but it's a fun little touch. Overall, though, Quest of Vidhuraa is a fairly bare-bones game, but it does have a large array of levels to conquer.

Unfortunately,  the graphics and sound feel like they could have been made in an old flash game. Now, that isn't a bad thing, but it certainly isn't spectacular for a new PC release. With some control tweaking Quest of Vidhuraa could have been a nice little mobile game. But as it stands, I can't really recommend it for the fans of hardcore platforming genre until a complete overhaul of the controls and/or the wall jumping physics is implemented. I can't be too harsh since this appears to be a one-man effort, but the controls and physics really needed a lot more polish.