R-Type Final


Think the arcade shooter genre is dead? Think again, as developer Irem brings forth the final installment of the much-loved R-Types series. Be prepared to relive those nostalgic moments, as this title pulls all the stops, and prove to be a fitting end to the series.


In this day and age we have become accustomed to high graphical masterpieces that put just as much effort on the graphics as they do on the gameplay. This formula hasn’t always been the case in gaming. Back in the day (if you want to call it that) games were judged much more heavily on the gameplay. R-Type Final isn’t going to be a game that knocks your socks off graphically but what it will do is take a simple shooting concept and make improve upon it; this is the formula of R-Type Final.

So are you expecting a game that will give you a diverse storyline, complex graphics, and evolving gameplay, this is not it. What you get with R-Type Final is a fun, fast paced shooter that takes us back to the classic style of gaming. For those of you who are into the 2D shooters then you should be right at home with R-Type Final because it plays very similar to games such as Ikaruga for the Cube.

You start with the two basic weapon types, which are rapid shot and also the charged shot. As you go through the game you will notice that you can receive more and more power ups that will help you get through the game. These power ups are located throughout the environments and become quite useful.

One of the biggest upgrades to the series is not the gameplay change but instead the addition of aircrafts has been dramatically increased. We have R-Type Delta, a game that had about five aircrafts and now we have R-Type Final, which has about a hundred ships in which you can unlock. All of these aircrafts can mix and match weapons and abilities which gives the game plenty more of replay value then having only a few aircrafts. Unlocking these aircrafts can be the tricky part and therefore you must complete the challenges to unlock them, and a lot of these requirements are near impossible, so it will take true perseverance and patience to unlock the majority of the aircrafts found in R-Type Final.

One of the downsides to R-Type Final is the fact that it’s quite a short game. Being a pretty good gamer when it comes to shooters, it took me around three hours on the normal setting to complete the game. I know there are many people who can complete it much quicker, but for the normal gamer it’s going to be completed in that amount of time. What I am getting at though is that this is a title that you can go through more then once, especially with all of the unlockable aircrafts that you can get once going through it again and again. Also playing the game at the hard difficulty setting is what I would like to call a brutal challenge that ended up giving me a headache more then anything. But this is the perfect challenge for anyone who is into the shooter genre, because it will truly test your shooter skills with some extremely difficult gameplay.

With all of that being said the gameplay of R-Type Final is pretty similar to the rest of the series with some add-ons. The game stays safe with the solid gameplay from previous titles.


Well with a game such as R-Type Final you really can’t expect much in the graphic department. I mean we are talking about a 2D shooter that really doesn’t leave much room for great spectacular graphics but more of just basic things that can only go so far.

The environments are as good as they come for this type of shooter. There is plenty of detail placed on each environment that truly sets each level apart from the other. Basically what you can say is this is probably some of the best environments you can make with a game such as R-Type Final. Everything else in the game is nicely done and really there is nothing to complain about with concerning the aircrafts and enemies and such.

Overall I can’t give this a very high rating in the graphics department but for what it’s worth this is some of the best 2D graphics out on the market today, Irem did a nice job of creating a good looking 2D shooter.

Fun Factor

One thing that R-Type Final is is fun while it lasts. Like mentioned earlier this isn’t the longest title out on the market, but it is quite fun for the entirety of the game. You are given some high-flying, fast paced shooter action that is really engaging for the time that is provided in the game. As you get farther in the game, it becomes more challenging and in my eyes it becomes even more fun, so basically you get a pretty fun game with R-Type Final.


If you are looking for an old fashion shooter title for your PS2 you really don’t have any more options but to turn to R-Type Final, not only is it one of the only shooting titles, it is a really solid one that is definitely worth your time. I wouldn’t recommend buying this one but it’s a perfect option for a rental.

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