RalliSport Challenge 2


The one genre that the Xbox really does have a plentiful supply of is quality race titles. Back in 2002 Microsoft and Digital Illusions teamed up to bring us by far the best of them all - Rallisport Challenge - and wow was it good. Now the duo has teamed up again to try and do better then last time. Can Microsoft and Digital Illusions pull such a thing off? The answer will come if you read the rest of my review of Rallisport Challenge for the Xbox.


When you already have a game like Rallisport Challenge that really grasped all the essentials to creating a racing title and try to make a sequel to it that can never be easy. Digital Illusions was really going to have to dig down deep if they wanted to pull this off. With the addition of online play (XSN Sports Enabled), more cars, more tracks, and better physics, you can probably see that version two of Rallisport Challenge may actually be a worthwhile sequel.

With the vast number of racing titles that are already present on the Xbox, Rallisport Challenge 2 was really going to have to do something special to capture the hearts of racing fans. Rallisport Challenge 2 includes Time Attack, Single Race, Career Mode, Multiplayer and Xbox Live.

Although the Xbox Live support was excellent (more on this later), the career mode was just as impressive. In the career mode you have four different tiers (difficulty settings) where you have plenty of races to go through. In the career mode you will be given plenty of opportunities to unlock everything you could ever unlock in a racing title. The career mode is quite deep and has plenty of difficulty in the later stages of the game.

Along with the great career mode comes the great online play as well. Rallisport Challenge 2 is the last game to use the XSN Sports label; which if you ask me was a very poor decision on Microsoft’s part. With all of that being said, I had my best times in the game with the online modes. The races online that I have participated in have been so intense and so fun that I can’t even describe how impressed I have been. Not only has the gameplay been fun but it also hasn’t consisted of much lag at all, but instead very smooth playing. With the addition of the XSN Support which provides some great tournaments and even more competition to add to the already long list.

Rallisport Challenge 2 has some great online support along with great offline as well. Now with the great modes you have to have great gameplay, and let me tell you Rallisport Challenge 2 comes through again! With the gameplay in the first edition of the game already being strong the developers were already working with a strong game physics they have improved even more since that point. The game runs at such a smooth pace with so much attention to detail that even after playing the game for a week it still seems to amaze me.

With the five different track types: Rally, Rallycross, Ice Racing, Hill Climb, and Crossover. You will see how great the physics are with how noticeable the differences in the tracks are. I mean you can easily tell how much work was set on each type of track, and all of this hard work definitely paid off.

As you can most likely tell by reading through this review is that this is one special game that really has so much to offer any racing enthusiast that it’s impossible not to see how many great things have come out of Rallisport Challenge 2.


Not only is the gameplay superb but also the graphics are just drop-dead gorgeous. We have seen some great looking racing titles over the last few years but what is so amazing about Rallisport Challenge 2 is that the graphics rate up there right with them.

To start with a racing game can’t really be considered great unless they have great crash sequences, something that Rallisport Challenge 2 has plenty of. You get a great idea of the damage you place on your vehicle by the great crash physics involved in Rallisport Challenge 2. Along with the great crash physics you also get great looking environments and car models. The environments all have their own unique look and feel to them that really makes these tracks quite attractive. To close off the deal you have some of the best car models that have made an appearance on the Xbox.

Overall the graphics of Rallisport Challenge 2 are some of the best racing graphics ever created on any console.

Fun Factor

Do you like taking your car from dirt to street to ice, and then this game is going to be extremely fun for you. The game has a great online as well as offline gaming experience that really is going to be the bar for new racing games to come for the Xbox. The game has such a distinct feel that it really feels like you are getting a true racing experience.


Rallisport Challenge 2 improves in each and every category you can improve upon. With Rallisport Challenge 2 you have a game that comes as close as it gets to get a perfect ten score, there just wasn’t that final deciding edge that would want me to give the game a perfect score. If you enjoyed the first edition of Rallisport Challenge you should definitely go pick up the sequel it’s unquestionably worth it.

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