Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty


Insomniac delivers exactly as promised, a smaller budget priced Ratchet game. Yes its short, but for what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in visuals, gameplay, and polish. For only 15$ it is a must own for any fan of platformers.


The Ratchet titles have always been known for their outstanding gameplay and a great mix between action and platforming puzzles. This time the main focus shifts from shooting to puzzles and platforming, and it’s a refreshing change of pace. The puzzles aren’t overly complex but they are a lot of fun and a great change of pace from the previous games. For a game about pirates, which is something that I thought would change but stays quite the same. This could be seen as a bad thing but when I thought about it more I can’t really see how they could make the gameplay better.

The weapons in the games are unfortunately the same as Tools of Destruction but the wrench has become a lot more useful than before with most puzzles having something to do with its new abilities. Another addition is the light and dark gameplay that is used a lot throughout the game. Certain creatures act as torches which keep away bats in the dark stages which works well enough but isn’t overly exciting. The gunplay is almost identical to previous titles which is a major plus because it’s as good as ever.


The Ratchet games have always featured some of the best visuals in the gaming industry, and the latest is the best looking in the bunch. The game looks very similar to 2007’s Tools of Destruction except a little better. The environments are colorful and interesting. Each planet feels different and each of them have a distinct style.

The visuals do have some minor flaws some of which I found extremely surprising for a game that is so polished. Now this is a bit particular and picky but the lip-synching during cut scenes were less than stellar which was a bit off-putting but not extremely noticeable. Nothing else really comes to mind in the negative category and it is by far the best looking title you will find on the PSN.

Fun Factor

Insomniac has always been best at making all of their games as fun as possible with this one being no exception. The trademark Ratchet and Clank humor is here along with an interesting storyline and plenty of very funny moments. The puzzling gameplay is a welcomed change of pace and breaks up the shooting sequences very well. Everything is solid and runs well and doesn’t take all day to download and install. Needless to say this is what a PSN game is supposed to be like.


Quest for Booty is a great, although short, title that is perfect for its PSN release. We get a full fledged Ratchet game except shorter and for a much smaller price. All aspects of the game are refined and improved and the change from heavy shooter to more platforming gameplay is a welcomed and refreshing change. The visuals are an improvement to last years beautiful game. As I said before this is a must buy for any fan of Platforming or the previous Ratchet games so do not hesitate and buy it immediately.