Raze's Hell


I have been in the gaming industry for quite sometime now, and with that said I have seen my fair share of video games. After a while I must admit that some games start to look the same, and some genres feel so played out that I wonder why companies still even bother making games for them. Today we got the opportunity to check out a game that dares to go outside of the box. It’s Raze’s Hell, and it’s not only an action game but it’s a budget action game. So does this one make you want to run out and spend twenty bucks? Read our full review to find out!


With so many games keep recycling the same ideas and gameplay mechanics, this game comes as a breath of fresh air because of its light hearted approach and its very fun storyline. The game starts out with you getting introduced to the whole plot of the game, which centers around a group called the Kewletts, who to me kind of look like a bunch of unique-looking stuffed animal. Well the Kewletts are going against Raze’s village, and somehow Raze survives and finds an ancient artifact that makes him all big and powerful. It is from here that we are launched into the world of this game, which supplies a ton of ironic and classic humor, making the whole game experience even more enjoyable.

The story in Raze’s Hell might be taken a new page in the world of games, the gameplay stays much more on a standard and solid footing. Raze’s Hell plays like a pretty typical third person action shooter, never really strays away from the formula. The game flows at a reasonable pace, and for that you can’t really complain. The gameplay as a whole really is exactly what you would expect from this sort of game, as it doesn’t do a whole lot out of the ordinary but yet it still keeps you interested throughout.

The one thing I have yet to mention about the gameplay is probably what was the hardest pill for me to swallow - this is an extremely difficult game. For some reason the developers decided to make the enemies not easy to deal with, and therefore you can plan on dying an awful lot of times in this game. I’m all for challenging games, but to crank up the difficulty this high would only succeed in alienating some of the more casual fans, some of which are partial to budget titles. This is by far the biggest contention point for the game.

For a budget title I have to admit I would not think of Xbox Live support being included. But the developers have gone out of their way and actually delivered a rather good Xbox Live support for the game. The online play consists of your typical modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and last but not least Soccer. All of these modes are nicely done, and although they may not be revolutionary for the online service they are a worthwhile experience that for me was a lot more enjoyable then the single player.

Overall the gameplay of the game offered up a lot of good stuff when you consider the twenty dollar price tag. If you take away the fact that the single player portion of the game is extremely frustrating, the game really does have some good qualities, my favorite being the amusing storyline.


Budget titles usually are ok in the gameplay department, but it fall apart in the visuals. This is where you can usually tell the difference between budget and full-price titles. Well this for the most part is not the case with Raze’s Hell as it actually is a pretty impressive looking game. The character models aren’t my favorite part of the game, as although they are extremely creative I would have loved to see more detail on all of them. With that being said, I was impressed with how unique they were and how well the color was used throughout the game.

The best part of the visuals of Raze’s Hell is the environments, which for me really worked quite well. They may not have been perfect but they had plenty of detail and once again the colors were put to great use. The game ran extremely well and suffered very little from slowdown. Overall the visuals of Raze’s Hell were solid from start to finish.

Fun Factor

Like I mentioned earlier, those expecting a walk in the park for the single player mode will be up for a huge surprise. And for those of us who lack what we call patience, then the single player portion of the game really is going to be a tough ride. But if you can get past the insanely high difficulty level, the storyline and the multiplayer portion of the game is rewarding as it gives you a very nice light experience that is not thrilling but is fun nonetheless.


For twenty bucks you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this game. It can be frustrating at times, but the light hearted humor and the solid gameplay will get you through some of its flaws. If you are tight on money but are need some action in your life, this game is a great pickup for you.

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