Red Dead Revolver


One genre that I really think is lacking support are the western shooters. We in the gaming world have yet to get a game that really does the popular genre of Westerns justice. Well now the ever-popular game developer Rockstar (maker of Grand Theft Auto) has jumped on the saddle and has given the western genre a try. How does the game turn out, well you might just want to read on and find out!


With Red Dead Revolver you are given a title in which throws a typical western story at you, and adds some new unique twists into the bunch. When you start in the main mode of the game (the story mode), you are brought a few cut scenes of the story that has transpired thus far. You see Red as a young boy with a father who just made it big. You witness the killing of Red’s parents and now it’s time for Red to take revenge. The story goes through many key enemies that it’s your job to take out. On the whole the story starts off greatly, but ends up not closing the deal off like I would have hoped.

You start the story mode with a level that basically serves as a training mode. This level teaches you all you’re going to need to know about the game; which includes how to target and shoot down enemies, dueling, and many other skills that will help you on your journey to seek revenge.

When looking at the gameplay of Red Dead Revolver at its core you will find a third person shooter that doesn’t stray away from that at any points in the game. The gun-slinging in the game works nicely with the use of the shoulder buttons on your PS2 Controller, and the face buttons to reload. One of the nice features included in the game is the ability to peak around objects getting some stealth action in the game as well.

The game runs pretty smoothly from start to finish although there are some problems that I think Rockstar should have fixed up before releasing this one. To start with the movement of the characters really doesn’t feel as smooth like we all have become accustomed to over the past few years. There will be times where you don’t think you should be falling off a platform yet, and you find yourself dropping to the ground. To get right down to it, I found that throughout playing Red Dead Revolver that it was missing that fine-tuning that you really need when trying to create a great third person shooter.

Without telling you this game was created by Rockstar you would be able to make a pretty good guess after using the slow down mechanism (Bullet Time) that is included in the game. The bullet time in Red Dead Revolver is called Dead Eye and works a little different then from what we are used to. In Dead Eye you slow down time and by moving the right analog stick you target as many enemies as possible and let them all have it. This little Dead Eye feature really has some great moments and helps to mix up the gameplay like it was intended to.

When looking at the story mode at a whole you find a mode that is really a mixed bag in my opinion. You have a mode in which have a decent storyline and some signs of great gameplay, but that feeling isn’t as consistent as most would have hoped.

The game also includes some multiplayer which has the potential but some things hold it back from true glory. You have Bounty Hunter, Sundown, and High Noon and two card games. All of these modes on paper sound great but the game struggle with its frame rate during multiplayer play. The game has more bugs then in the single player mode and ends up being more troublesome then fun.


The one thing that I really think Rockstar has been put down on in the past is for their graphics. When looking at both the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series, you find games that really aren’t graphical marvels, but instead rely on the gameplay to hold up its side. With Red Dead Revolver it’s more of the same.

The graphics of Red Dead Revolver are average all the way through. The character models look similar to most of Rockstar’s games, which means they are lacking detail, but do have decent form. The environments which you play through have their ups and there downs. Some of the levels are great and others look like they were done in an hour.

Overall Red Dead Revolver has right around average graphics, nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully Rockstar takes a hint and improve the graphics on their future titles.

Fun Factor

Red Dead Revolver has one thing going for it, and that is that it can be a lot of fun. Personally I am a big western fan, and make a game out of one of my favorite genres and I am bound to have fun, and that’s exactly what happens in Red Dead Revolver. You have a game that doesn’t have perfect graphics or perfect gameplay, but what it does have is a lot of good western action, with some great old fashion weapons that makes it a blast to play.


For those of you western fanatics (I know there has to be a few of you) out there, if you are looking for a western styled shooter you may want to think about picking up Red Dead Revolver. For the rest of you can probably pass on the purchase and go straight for a rental.

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