Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Review (Switch)

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is a well-deserved return of the brilliant game from Volition and THQ. Ten years since its original release, we now have the much-loved hack-and-smash on the Nintendo Switch, which is a perfect addition to the pick-up-and-play library that I never knew I needed. Whether you're in it for the unique and interesting story, or just to hit some things with a hammer, the game is perfect to pick up for your hybrid console.


When humans began working to settle on Mars, things were never going to be easy. More and more people arrive to work as miners or to seek the freedom that the propaganda on earth promises - only to be disappointed with what they find instead: oppression. The EDF (an organisation of soldiers) dominates each district of the semi-settled red planet, and it’s your job to join the rebellion, Red Faction, and sabotage the EDF until control of the planet is yours. 

While it might sound like your typical retake and control gameplay as we're all too familiar with nowadays, the game takes it a step further with your arsenal. As you arrived with the intention of mining, you start off with nothing but a hammer and a couple of explosives, These, however, are used to break everything you can see. And I mean everything. 

The shine of Red Faction has always focused on destruction, and Guerrilla is up there with the best of them. All buildings, structures, pipelines, streetlights, bridges or whatever it is, you bring it down. You will have to destroy EDF property with a hammer or explosives, guns or rocket launchers - there will be even jet packs later on.


I was skeptical at first about the game being on the Nintendo Switch, as it seemed like it was going to demand quite a bit from the hardware, considering all the destruction happening.. Much to my surprise, however, the game runs brilliantly and looks beautiful in the process. Whether in docked or handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect way to go smashing up Mars into rubble. Breaking things is simply fun!

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered brings a lot to the table, and it's never disappointing. The game does exactly what it promises, and lets you loose on Mars to cause all the destruction and mayhem that you please, whether on foot, by vehicle, or with traversal equipment. The story is nothing revolutionary and doesn't even need to be focused on but even so, the game will offer so much enjoyment whichever way you want to play it.


Returning to the title was an absolute blast and the remaster is a perfect way to experience it, whether you have previously played it or not. The story might be forgettable, I certainly didn't remember anything about it after all these years, but it doesn't matter. Guerrilla goes the extra mile with the gameplay, and that's what it's all about. 

The Nintendo Switch version of the game even offers an option to enable motion controls on foot, in vehicles, mounted guns, or all of the above. It was a pleasant surprise as I was struggling to shoot enemies with the joy-con thumbsticks in the handheld mode. The motion options were obviously implemented to address this and I appreciate that. 


Overall, I would say that the Nintendo Switch is the perfect way to experience Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, whether you have played the game before or not. The game runs seemingly at a solid 30fps with minimal drops, and sometimes even seems to be smoother than most other games I have experienced on the system. It might not be as beautiful as the PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, but looks amazing nonetheless. The pick-up-and-play hybrid console, blended with the chaotic and extremely fun gameplay of Guerrilla, is a perfect match, topped off with motion controls. It's certainly a well-done remaster of a brilliant game and is definitely one that most people should pick up.