Red Faction II


One game that really caught a lot of us PS2 owners eye’s last year had to be Red Faction. Red Faction supported an excellent single player and multiplayer mode. When we first heard about the new Red Faction we were all very excited about this new addition, and now it has finally arrive. The question that has been lingering in all of are minds is if it as good or better then the last edition. My response to that question is, OH YES.


If you have or haven’t played the first edition of Red Faction you will not have to worry you will still be able to get right into the game. If you have played the first Red Faction then you will find that Red Faction 2 stays with the same type of story, but you will not play as Parker this time around. Parker is nowhere to be found, so this time you play as Alias, who is part of the Red Faction who try to defeat the evil dictatorship that has taken over the world.

The single player mode of Red Faction was heavily driven by an excellent story. This is again used in Red Faction 2 but the story is not as in-depth as before, although it still gets the job done and keeps you into the game the whole time.

One of the biggest advancements that the original Red Faction had was the new geo-mod technology that allowed players to shoot through rock and things that you would expect to have nothing to do with normal games, would actually lead advancements through the levels. This technology is also incorporated into this version of Red Faction but luckily they don’t use it all the time like they did in the first Red Faction.

Another nice feature for the single player mode was the ability to use vehicles throughout the game. This is a nice break away from the first person shooter, and gives you a lit bit of time to play around in some very powerful vehicles.

The single player mode really followed the last editions winning formula and works excellently. The only complaint I have is that it is a little short. Although you would think this would hurt the replay value, guess again. There is still a multiplayer mode in Red Faction and its great!

As fun filled as the multiplayer mode is, I still have one question for Volition. Why did you leave out the online play? This really was really the biggest disappointment of the game. Although once I got passed this, I found that this is one very nice looking multiplayer mode. There are a total of eight different types of modes in the multiplayer portion of the game. The multiplayer mode really brings all the replay value (even without online play) to make this game very worthwhile.

The controls of Red Faction 2 are flawless. They play exactly like the previous edition of Red Faction. The R1 and L1 buttons are used to shoot your weapon and the left and right analog stick aiming and moving Alias.

Another very cool point for all of you PC first person shooter players, this option is all for you. You can plug in a USB keyboard and customize it to play Red Faction 2. So for all of you PC gamers who want to play the FPS on the console like on the PC, this is really all for you.

For the most part the background music in Red Faction 2 is un-noticeable. You can tell it plays in the background but it really doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot for the actual game itself. The sound effects and voice acting on the other hand are very nicely done. The voice acting especially is a very nice addition to every game and when done correctly as in the case of Red Faction 2 it really helps the game’s value.


Definitely the biggest problem with Red Faction was the graphics. Nothing in the original was very sharp or clear, and the environments all looked the same. Well that is no more! This edition of Red Faction is just an amazing upgrade and some amazing graphics. The character models are outstanding, extremely detailed and very nicely drawn out. The environments are also gorgeous, and also nicely drawn out.

Usually we find with nice graphics we see some slow downs in the Gameplay. With that being said it is truly amazing how far the graphics of Red Faction have come and for the most part this is really a very nice looking game.

Fun Factor

One of the easiest parts of this review really has to be the Fun Factor, because it’s really a simple answer. YES. The games single and multiplayer modes are both extremely fun and well drawn out. For the most part there is really nothing in the game that stops Red Faction 2 from being an enjoyable game.


This is one excellent first person shooter. With both an excellent single and multiplayer mode, the only thing holding the game back from a perfect score has to be the absence of the online play. With that said there is still no reason why you shouldn’t go out and purchase this one, it will be sure not to disappoint.

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