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Reign of Fire

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


One of the most used fantasy settings for a game has to be the use of dragons. It is an idea that has been with gaming since the very beginning. So if companies wanting to create a dragon game then why not go after the big movie license of Reign of Fire. That’s what Kuju did and BAM joined the ride to bring you Reign of Fire for the Xbox.


For the most part I have a feeling when everyone heard about Reign of Fire it sounded like a fun game. A game that you can ride as Dragons or slay dragons as humans just sounds like a pretty fun game. I for one was very excited when the first details of the game came out.

At the start of the game, you’re sent straight into the battlefield for a training mode. This short (it lasted only 10 minutes) training did its job in familiarizing gamers with the game’s controls and gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, as early as that, you’ll start to see the game’s many major flaws.

Once you’re done with the training mission, then it’s off to fight the dragons. As the humans you ride in the back of the jeep. It is really a lot like being in the back of the jeep on the gun on Halo. Which is great for a little while but after a while it gets very old, very fast.

As the gunner you also have control of the vehicle. You have a few different weapon types to start off with. You have the machine gun, missiles, and the heat seeking missiles. So you get the nod to go into battle and kill all the dragons. This stays fun for only a little while but there are only so many dragons you can shoot down before the game gets boring.

You will get some more vehicles as the humans such as tanks and trucks to help you get through your mission. Each vehicle has their own unique handling and speed, so you’ll take time to get used to them.

The only thing that will keep you playing this game is so you can get to the dragon levels, which are a lot more amusing then human missions, although there are still faults to be shown. The level design for playing as both races are just poor. They look like they were never completed. The levels all play the same so it really feels like your doing the same thing over and over again.

Another big problem with the game is the controls, which can be quite annoying. There are two different control setups you can choose from which are beginners and advanced. Both setups are really just not working. They can be very responsive at times and at others it really seems like they are working against you. This is really present when trying to aim on the faster vehicles.

There is really not a whole lot of sound in Reign of Fire. The in-game music is just kind of plain and there. It is nothing great but not bad. The sound effects follow the same path with some strong points and some poor points.


Reign of Fire has some good points and at the same time it has some very poor points. To start with the good the dragon really are very well detailed and well designed. They look great from all aspects, either when you play as one or when you are shooting them down.

On the flip side there is more bad then good when it comes to Reign of Fire. The levels all look very plain and boring. It really looks like nothing was completely finished or very well thought up. The humans are not as well drawn out. The ground views just look pretty plain. For the most part nothing is really very well drawn out besides the dragons.

Fun Factor

The biggest problem with Reign of Fire is the fun factor. This game does not have a very long life span. You will really get sick of this game very fast. The gameplay is very repetitive, so you will find yourself wondering why you are doing the same thing over and over again. A variation in the missions or more enemy type would have been nice.


Reign of Fire had all the potential to succeed but with some major gameplay and graphical flaws it really hurts the game, which is why it receives a lower rating. My only hope is that the developers would pay more attention in the gameplay department if it wants to capitalize on a movie license, especially an action-packed movie like Reign of Fire.

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