Resident Evil 5


There has been a ton of talk regarding Resident Evil 5 since it was announced a while back. Much of the talk has been surrounding the games locale and its possible racist links in terms of the story. I am not sure if the reason for this was to gather steam for the game or if it was to just merely change things up, either way the move was made. There has also been a lot of talk on the switch to go to a cooperative format something that the franchise really hasn’t done in the past. With all of these questions does Resident Evil 5 have the right answers? Read our full review of Resident Evil 5 for the PS3 to find out!


I try to stay clear of all hype trains that start going through the gaming industry. With a game like Resident Evil 5 many are sure to get sucked right in and hear the die hard Resident Evil fans froth at the mouth waiting in anticipation for the games release. And then you have the other side that’s more interested in a new interesting game to play and are interested if Resident Evil 5 is a RE4 clone or a worthwhile investment. So the questions have been laid out on the table, what are the conclusions.

Let’s just start with the story which is set in Africa where you are trying to do everything in your power to stop this virus from getting to far out of control. So you and your partner are off on this rather convoluted story arch that takes you through the root cause of this virus. The story which I thought would be a real crucial aspect of the game actually ends up being rather dull, and to odd for my taste. I am always up for a good horror story line but I just couldn’t find myself getting all that into RE5’s story.

So let’s talk about the gameplay which for the core mechanics anyone who played Resident Evil 4 should feel right at home with the control scheme. I know there has been a lot of talk about how you still cannot run and shoot, and yes that should be something that Capcom looks at but for me its not a deal breaker. What I have always liked/respected about the Resident Evil franchise is that it does a really fantastic job of keeping a real distinct feel that you can instantly recognize that this is a Resident Evil game without even seeing the box. The controls are what they are, they get the job done, but they remain some of the more clunky in the survival horror genre.

The big change for Resident Evil 5 comes in the way of cooperative play. You know have a partner in crime, and she for better or worse is with your throughout your adventure. You have the ability to play this online with a friend or stranger, or you can have the computer control her. Let’s start with the latter of the two and then we will get into the cooperative gameplay. Playing through the single player missions without a human controlling the other character is a good but not great. Your partners AI does a decent job of holding her own, but for the most part you are left with the majority of the heavy lifting. For the most part this works, there are a few minor points throughout the story where things get more complicated then they need to be due to the computer AI, but regardless this works and is a viable option if you so happen to want to take this route.

Otherwise I would highly recommend playing Resident Evil 5 in the cooperative setting which after playing is the much more appealing road to take. I played a lot of my time in Resident Evil 5 online playing with a friend through the campaign, and this is where I really found myself enjoying the game. I found that working with a real person offered a lot more strategy, and a lot more intrigue with what was happening on screen then if I was yelling at the computer for not covering me at all while I rushed a hoard of zombies.  I also found that I just in a whole got a lot more out of the experience which moved it from being just a new look on the last game to a new experience all together.


Resident Evil 5 for the Playstation 3 is a downright gorgeous game, from the environments, to the character models, Capcom has really done a great job. There has been some discussion over the choice of setting and use of Africans as zombies and I have to admit I did feel some racism flying through some of the cracks in the game, but I have to say at times I think we over do the racist talk and when it is all said and done Resident Evil 5 is just a game that is meant to be enjoyed and not necessarily taken as their own personal view on the world. Getting back on topic Resident Evil 5 is one of the most detailed and well developed games in terms of visuals that we have seen in this generation of consoles.

Fun Factor

I have to admit, just like in past Resident Evil titles, I often got frustrated with the difficulty of this game. I should admit that I have never been all that great at these games I just found when playing by myself the Normal difficulty was quite a challenge, and at times to much of one. When you play cooperatively the game seems a lot more forgiving and once again does a better job of being more of an enjoyable experience. All in all I really did enjoy my time with this game whether it was online or by myself this was a really well created game.


Capcom has had a really amazing start to 2009 starting with Street Fighter 4 and following that up with a great Resident Evil 5. Fans rejoice because not only is Resident Evil back, but now you not only can enjoy it on your own but with your friend as well. The new cooperative gameplay works quite well, and if your a fan of the franchise it just make sense to go out and buy this one as well.

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