Resistance: Retribution

Resistance: Retribution


Bringing shooters to the PSP has been no small feat to achieve since the conception of the PSP, many have tried, and very few have succeeded. Some of the few action games to succeed on the PSP were Sony Bend’s Syphon Filter games which managed to use the PSP controls to make a very solid shooter. Much of the problems with PSP shooters are the controls and how to make them work for your game. Now Sony Bend is back with a different Playstation exclusive franchise in Resistance: Retribution which hopes to once again bring glory back to the PSP. Does it succeed? Read our full review to find out!


So similar to many other first person shooters that have made the transition from console to the PSP, Resistance: Retribution witnesses the change in perspective from a first person view on the consoles to the third person view on the PSP. There are two major questions that then arise, how does it control and how well does it retain the Resistance feel that fans have come to know and love?

Very few games on the PSP have had all that great of a backstory, in fact outside of God of War: Chains of Olympus it has been a glaring weakness for a number of these action games. Resistance: Retribution tries to re-write this wrong by incorporating a story that falls somewhere between Resistance 1 & 2 where you find yourself in jail after going on a killing spree after your brother dies. You are then let out of jail to go and fight the good fight where the story continues to grow and come to its own. I have to say this is one of the more impressive PSP stories we have seen in recent years.

The action in Resistance: Retribution goes to a third person perspective, unlike its console counterparts. This isn’t a bad thing at all as the PSP’s controls lend itself much better to this control scheme. A lot of the difficulty in other games controls is solved in Resistance: Retribution by a box around your screen, any enemy in that box will then be able to auto target and be taken out. Its not a perfect system but its manageable and works quite well. I had a few times however where things got a little to crazy and the auto aim didn’t work that well and led me to get killed, but outside of that the system works quite well.

Resistance: Retribution does a really solid job of keeping everything pretty fresh which is helped a lot by the great weapon variety. More then a varied level design which is off and on, the weapons help drive a really solid experience. The game does a good job giving a lot of different looks at taking out your enemies.

For me though Resistance Retribution failed at being an enjoyable portable experience, I would have much rather played this game on my PS2 then I would have on my PSP. This brings me to the Resistance 2 support which allows some syncing of files and other features which sort of expand the experience. They also allow you to use the PS3 controller to play the game but this really doesn’t help things. For me the game struggled a lot at being a competent portable game in that checkpoints are poorly placed and it doesn’t necessarily thrive on the pick up and play mentality.

The multiplayer side of Resistance: Retribution is good but not great, it gives a lot of stuff we have seen before in the Syphon Filter games, just given a Resistance theme. The multiplayer for me wasn’t really all that interesting in terms that I still have not been sold portable shooters multiplayer. What is included in the game does and work and manages to get the job done its just not a huge boost for the game.


There is no question that Sony Bend has gotten a really good idea of how to develop for the PSP, heck they are one of the few that has continually done so. Resistance: Retribution is another example of a really great looking PSP game. It is a game like this that really gets me a little riled up that more developers really didn’t try to push the PSP more then has been done. Visually you have a game that really provides a really good looking shooter, both in style and detail.

Fun Factor

I should be 100% honest I have never been a huge fan of the Resistance franchise, it just hasn’t been one that appeals to me all that much. I can recognize that it has been a solid series with very well accepted and developed games but for me I just don’t go out of my way to seek them out. With that being said I really did enjoy Resistance: Retribution. I thought it was a game that needed a little more concentration on being a game for a handheld and not a console but when its all said and done its a really competent shooter, and that’s saying a lot on the PSP.


When it is all said and done Resistance Retribution is a really solid PSP game that had the potential to be one of the elite games on the PSP. Resistance: Retribution ends up being a great game on a platform that is extremely tough to make a good shooter on. If your a fan of the series or are looking for something to dust off your PSP with, this is a great option to do just that.

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