Civilization IV: Colonization


Do not be fooled, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization is not an expansion pack. It is actually a stand alone product that actually decides to remake the old Colonization game back in the early 90’s. Similar to what was done with Sid Meier’s Pirates! which was remade a few years back using the underlying features of the original, thus is the case with Colonization this time though they added the Civilization IV tag for good measure. Confused, if so keep reading and we will continue to divulge you in this latest remake that hopes to having you colonizing more then you could have ever imagined.


I love the idea of remaking, refreshing, and expanding old titles. In Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization you have a game that at first glance still looks like Civilization IV but after thirty seconds of play time you will realize that the developers did use the shell of Civ IV but then incorporated Colonization in this deep and familiar world. This is actually one of the greatest strengths of the game as you are presented with a very familiar menu and setup system that translates nicely to this game.

So lets talk about Colonization, because its not your everyday Civilization game and I still think I might have a few of you scratching your head. In Colonization it is really all about economics, and growing your cities to economic prosperity. To do this though, you have to be very, very patient. The pace of Colonization in comparison to Civilization IV is quite different, Colonization takes a much slower and should I say more strategy is involved in Colonization then in any other Civilization title.

Its all about economics in this game, and its not like sitting in an economics class learning about supply and demand, but instead you are dealing with what your citizens work on, what they specialize in, and doing your best to get your independence from the big bad British Empire. The way in which this game actually plays off the economics of everything is actually really interesting, it can be a lot to take in at time but its really quite engaging from start to finish.

Transportation is a big deal later on in the game when you need to start moving goods around, and this is when things really start to ramp up. I was a little put off at the very beginning of playing Colonization it really didn’t ramp up until quite a few moves into the experience. Things do start going quite quick afterwards and for fans of turn based strategy this game is going to really be quite engaging.

I don’t want to go to far in depth because there are a 100 different areas that I could expand upon on the experience. Let me just say if your one that loves micromanaging that is what this game is really all about. When the action does come to play your more then ready and it is ultra satisfying. There is online play to boast as well which isn’t anything over the top or anything all that exciting but it gives a nice diversion to the single player experience.


Visually Colonization isn’t all that stunning of a game, it keeps with an identical style to Civ IV. I really like the use of color that has always been a part of the franchise, and I think it works really well for this game. Obviously this is a turn based game so things aren’t moving all that quickly but everything looks good nonetheless. Given that this is a turn based game you can’t really find anything to complain about but let’s just say there wasn’t anything overwhelming either.

Fun Factor

The big thing with Civilization IV: Colonization is that your really focusing on one area and this is going to appealing to some and tedious for others. For me I liked the narrow focus quite a bit, I think by focusing in on the economics and the development of your towns is really intriguing but it can get a bit overwhelming at times. To me I think for what Colonization is, it is a really solid and extremely well developed game, but its fun factor to me is no where near what other turn based strategy games have been in the past.


I was really battling on whether this game deserved a 8 or a 9 out of ten. I don’t take giving high scores lightly so I put in some extra time with Colonization and I just never felt like it had the overwhelming characteristic that deserved the top score. With that being said this is still a great turn based strategy game that should not be overlooked by fans of the genre for its extremely deep gameplay and strong economic system.

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