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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Playstation 3, ReviewsJasonPSN


Ever been so compelled to find out what would happen if a brainwashed commando is released from their grasp, like Rambo, and go back against the whole regimen that made the beast? "No"? What about having a knack for chickens, penguins, and all around other poultry? That a "no" as well? Well...are you interested in awesome indie music you can listen to for hours on end? Okay then! I got you something to enjoy!


So right off the bat, I'm going to let you know that this game is repetitive as repetitive comes. Also, rolling is totally faster than regular movement so you know what that's about. You shoot, throw grenades, control minds of enemies, and like I just said roll around like a freak. KILL ALL THE PENGUINS AND OTHER BRAINWASHED CHICKENS! This Action-Platformer doesn't get any more exciting than that.

"But what about the platforming? Jason, tell us about the sick jumps!", you say; how about this my babies? The platforming is as boring as the campaign is nonsensical. The jumps are the basic level over/under/above level and you go from the left of the screen to the right "progressing."

There's also multiplayer, specifically co-op campaign, but that doesn't matter when no one bought or played this game. I would imagine that this would be the same, boring. You'd both feel sad about this game, and resentful for sticking around just for the cutscenes, just like I did, but hey, you'd have company.


Like flash? How about missing frames of animation? Sweet roto-scoped backgrounds get your fancy? Rendered 3D buildings that closely resemble cooler looking buildings you once saw that one time you were playing that other game, or surfing the web? Oh, okay. That's all there is. It's not that appealing, and their decision to change the perspective from time to time, and by which I mean only the three other times you're not on the ground, doesn't really do anything, nothing short of but to wish you had a bigger TV. The cutscenes are/were the best part because they showed a better focus comparatively with the actual game, and they were short. Not to mention, the boss soundtrack which Ratloop went out of their way to include by indie rock band N.W.A., no association to the also boss gangsta rap group.

Fun Factor

Oh, um, yeah...about that... The, er, the music is cool? I really wouldn't bother with this, but that's me.


Let's recap: Awesome music, rolling faster than regular movement, repetitive actions, really awesome music, and the great music to listen to. Did I mention the music, cause yeah, the music. Hardboiled Chicken isn't that good of a game to begin with. For being a flash animation that took three years to develop and then lose all other meaning behind it's saddening gameplay and all around lack of sheen Rocketbirds doesn't get a recommendation from me. As always, who am I to fully say; find out for yourself, if you want to.