RTX Red Rock


It’s quite surprising when you think about it that there hasn’t been a game based on the Red Planet in quite sometime. It comes to me as a huge surprise because it can give developers another environment to work with. Now LucasArts has seized the opportunity and has released their very own RTX Red Rock, a game that has all the potential in the world to become a great game but fails in almost every category.


RTX Red Rock is one of those games that on paper really looked like it could be one of the more ground breaking titles of the year. But when it all comes down to it everything that RTX attempts to do is overshadowed by the unfortunate faults.

Some games don’t need the storyline to drive a game, but for a game like RTX this was a neccessity. You will find right from the beginning of the game the storyline immediately grabs your attention and really gets you interested in the game. You are Eugene Wheeler, an Army Ranger who lost his left eye and right hand during RTX Operation White Fire. Now with all the new technology, he was given high tech implants that would end up making him one of the best. He is sent to Mars to check in on a colony that is under attack. Throughout the game the story unravels but it just isn’t enough to keep the game from hiding all of its faults.

What LucasArts has been showing us throughout the process of the development of RTX, we saw that the two new synthetic replacements for Mr. Wheeler were going to play a rather large roll in the game. His right hand can be upgraded to different weapons that you will need to get through the game. His eye has a total of four different vision modes that you can use which are thermoscan, naviscan, electroscan, and bioscan. So as you can see they hoped that these features would be able to separate RTX from the rest of the third person action genres.

RTX is a combination of an action and adventure game, although it seems like the developers couldn’t figure out which one they wanted the game to be. The action in RTX uses the lock-on system, which is fine because there isn’t much action in the game. It seems as though the game could have been a lot more interesting had there been more to do but the few enemies you will find in the game just seem pretty boring. On the adventure side of the game is where most of the problems occur, and this is because of the lack of motivation. There is nothing in RTX that makes you want to continue through and keep going.

That is the worst of it, at the beginning of each mission Iris (your assistant) will tell you where to go and what to do. But there are times where her instructions can be unclear and misleading. So you will be forced to wander around the environments to search for something you have no idea where it is. This happens numerous times throughout the game and is one of the rather big annoyances found throughout the game.

The inventory system really wasn’t made for a game like RTX but more it seems for an RPG. You have three open slots in which you can place a weapon, eye piece, and special item. This means if you ever want to change weapons or take out another item in place of your weapon you will be left vulnerable to attacks. This portion of RTX just boggles me, I just don’t understand why they would go with this type of weapon system.

I think what hurts RTX the most is the lack of anything interesting or entertaining throughout the game. With so many great ideas and an interesting storyline the game fails to take advantage and instead falls into being a game with too many faults to count.


If RTX had one thing going for it at all it would probably be the graphics because they seem to be the only thing that there isn’t much to complain about. Mostly you will be initially very impressed with the cut scenes which introduce the storyline and the main characters. These are extremely well done and look fantastic; they do a great job of getting the story across in an impressive fashion.

The game itself isn’t going to impress most, but it does do a good job of getting the job done. Mr. Wheeler himself looks to be pretty impressive he quite nicely detailed and has a pretty distinct look to him. All the other characters in the game don’t seem to have the amount of detail that they should.

The environments of RTX really hurt the game because they all are extremely plain and all basically look the same. Each environment you will see are bland and lack any sort of detail. Overall the graphics of RTX run along about the same line as everything else throughout the game, which isn’t a good thing.

Fun Factor

When the year started this was one of the games I looked at as being a possible sleeper hit that would come out and surprisingly impress people, because on paper this looked as though it was going to be a pretty extensive Action Adventure title. Instead we have got a game that is flooded with issues and only decent graphics. There is no replay value and in fact this is a game that is hard to stick with for even the first time through. The missions just lack any interesting points which really in the end just makes the game quite boring.


Like I have mentioned a few times throughout this review, this is a game that had all the potential but failed to do anything with it. The gameplay is pretty bland and boring and the graphics are nothing impressive. Unless you are dying for a game that takes place in Mars, it would be hard to really recommend this one.

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