Rune: Viking Warlord


You play Ragnar, a Viking warlord who must destroy all that have defected from Ragnar side/country or what ever you want to call. That’s pretty much all the basics. This is not a good story, heck I don’t feel comfortable calling it a story. It’s more of a distraction from the violence than a half decent storyline. There are a few surprises to make sure you’re paying attention, but the absense of any character growth of interaction leaves much to be desired.


Well if Rune shines at all, it shines here. While not the deepest or most involving gameplay created, it’s kinda fun and enjoyable. You have choices of swords, maces and axes, each has 5 different versions available and all are basically the same. You can throw the weapons if you choose but must likely nothing good will come from it. Each weapon has a different special attack that can be used if you collect enough runes. The A.I. in Rune is the worst I’ve ever encountered in a game. I mean honestly, how dumb could Vikings have been?

The gameplay also suffers from "how much is to much" syndrome, meaning how many of the same model character can you kill. But all of the above does not bother me much. What bothers me is the horrible multiplayer mode, because it’s so boring. For starters you can’t change weapons. They’re always the same no matter where you’re at. The level design makes it almost impossible to have any fun. Each level has its own faults, whether it be too small or too big.


Graphically this game is full of nasty problems. First it’s way too dirty and grainy to even be considered a PS2 game. The next problem is the constant fogging used to hide the nasty draw distance, which makes finding your way very, very hard. And the real-time cinemas are just horrible. The lips and voice hardly ever sync. Graphically this game is in need of help and will do nothing but make all the PS2 haters laugh.

Fun Factor

This game starts fast and finishes slow, making it a chore to finish and a bore to play. It can be fun, just not for long. There’s too many aggravating distractions keeping you from having the fun you should be with a game like this.


Rune: Viking Warlord is a good ideal gone wrong. It has way too many flaws keeping you away from really enjoying anything good about the game. Rune is a good sequel waiting to happen. You should rent it before making any purchasing decision.