Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! - Full Course Review

The improbably busty shinobi girls bounce back to the computer screens with a Full Course edition of the Playstation Vita rhythm game Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit. The conversion includes all DLC characters and outfits released for the handheld version. This time the curvy ninja girls fight in a super dish gourmet cook-off, not unlike the infamous Japanese TV show Iron Chef. They are lured into bodacious hyper cooking battle with a promise to win a secret ninja arts scroll which can grant any wish.

Of course the so-called plot is just a flimsy excuse for an inflated boobs galore. Big, bouncy boobs jiggling all over the kitchen arena. The Full Course character roster has 22 girls to choose from but they have absolutely no gameplay differences. It's all down to preference of their bust size, be it big, huge or ridiculous. If you fancy sporty and perky cupcakes you're out of luck, those aren't served in this restaurant (no, eyepatch girl Mirai doesn't count as she's flat as a pancake). Each girl has her own silly story to play or you can cook off without narrative in arcade and free modes.

It all boils down to a typical rhythm game where you press gamepad buttons as prompted on two horizontal bars at the bottom of the screen to the beat of the music track. You push, the girls dish out in the arena, eventually bursting out of their attires. Not that you can pay much attention to the striptease if you really want to do well in the game. The accidental onlookers get the best bits because the player can only concentrate on the scurrying button prompts among all the flashing effects all over the screen until eyes pop out. Seriously, if you're kind of person who gets easily dizzy by all the blinking stuff, avoid this game!

The cook-off is played in three rounds and the loser of each gets partially stripped off. The first two rounds are just warm-up and eye candy as it's only the third bout that counts. In a sense everything's all backwards. If you win with your favorite girl she remains happily clad while your opponent gets exposed. So if you just want to ogle your dream girl served as a naked dessert with only a whipping cream and some chocolate sauce covering her private parts, choose her as an opponent and humiliate her in an easy difficulty free mode.

The dressing room serves as the ultimate form of fan service. You can dress up (or rather dress down) the girls with pieces of clothing unlocked by playing the game and it's in these outfits they cook. That's nothing special yet but you can pat and rub the girls until their dresses tear off. Even though Senran Kagura girls are quite self-conscious about their allure and throw their ample fun bags at you, they really don't like being touched and get offended by the excessive fondling, expressing it quite frankly. It all made me feel like a sad old pervert.

Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit! - Full Course might be deliciously frosted and seems to be lots of fun but it becomes stale too soon. Even though there are stories for each girl to play, it doesn't take long to see all the game has to offer. Same animation assets are used for every competitor and you'll get weary of judge Hanzo's recurring taste test reactions which were amusing only by the first viewing. It's actually quite amazing how fast you can get tired of jiggling anime oppai. It's also all too easy to choose the easiest difficulty setting to see the story outcomes. The normal difficulty can get surprisingly punishing but the core gameplay really doesn't have enough meat around its bones to appreciate the challenge.

I have nothing against scantily-clad bodylicious anime babes and in this time and era when the western games are stripped down of all sexual innuendo it's refreshing to see something so lewd and uninhibited. But as it is Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit is nothing more than a glorified peep show. To be fair it is the game's ultimate purpose in itself and everything else is just glazing but I wouldn't have minded more seasonings in its recipe. Onechanbara and Dead or Alive series do it all better as they offer more game in their fan service.

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