With all of the hype regarding the new movie Shrek 2 (which is now out in theatres) it’s not surprising that there would be a game right along with it. We have seen so much in the past of movies being turned into games and the games just not turning out too much of anything (Example: Enter the Matrix). So how does Shrek 2 stack up in the video game world, well you may just have to sit down and read through the rest of our review of Shrek 2 for the PS2.


The movie of Shrek 2 and the game follow very similar storylines; in fact they are mostly identical. In Shrek 2, Shrek and Fiona set off on a journey to the Far Far Away Land. This journey takes place so Fiona’s parents can meet the very handsome prince, or in other words the big green Ogre being Shrek. The game goes off the same storyline but yet goes into much further detail in areas that are not expressed in the movie. The game is told through a storybook style (similar to the movie) that does keep the whole Shrek feel happening.

In Shrek 2 you are given a game that obviously isn’t going for pure action or a pure adventure game, but combining both of those with the sense of humor that is found in both movies. You play the game with a group of characters, which starts off with Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and The Gingerbread Man. You can easily switch between the characters by using the R1 button, to use each character’s special ability. There are times in the game where you go off on "Hero Time" which allows each character to go off on their own to show off their own personal abilities. These little mini-games can be fun, but from my experiences with them they have been a mixed bag of good and bad.

Most of the levels consist of you walking with the group through many small mini-puzzles and missions to accomplish before making it through the game. When going through the levels you will find that the action portions of it don’t happen as often as much as you like. When there is action on the screen it consists of a lot of button mashing and basically a scramble to keep all of the group members alive and breathing. One of the big pluses that you don’t come by much anymore is the fact that Shrek 2 has some great computer AI. Your team actually fights when you are not controlling them. In so many games we find that the computer acts as the audience and doesn’t participate in any of the fighting, luckily this is not the case in Shrek 2.

Shrek 2 combines a lot of mini games with a lot of action, and for the most part this combo seems to work. The fighting in the game isn’t that complex but what did you expect it’s Shrek. The mini-games of course have there ups and downs, some better then the other, but one thing that does come positively out of the mini-games is the nice combo of action and mini-games.

Probably the most key feature of Shrek 2 that keeps it from failing miserably is the multiplayer support. This means that all of the other characters in Shrek 2 don’t have to be controlled by the computer but instead can be controlled by you and a group of friends. This is definitely when Shrek 2 is at its best. The multiplayer works wonders for the game, and really makes it a lot more fun.

Overall the gameplay of Shrek 2 isn’t anything revolutionary, but it does do a nice job of making a nice simple game that can be enjoyed by young and old, without getting to plain.


The one thing that Shrek does consistently throughout the game is look good. This is something that doesn’t happen very often when cartoons come from the big screen onto the console but this time it works quite nicely.

The character models of Shrek 2 of course aren’t as gorgeous as they are in the theatres but for the PS2 they are pretty good. All of the characters are nicely designed and have a lot of colorful happy colors to them. I wouldn’t say the character models are breathtaking but they do look pretty good. As for the environments now this is the part of the graphics that probably could have used more detail and colors.

Overall the graphics of Shrek 2 aren’t going to give Splinter Cell a run for its money but it does look quite good for a movie to game conversion title.

Fun Factor

Shrek 2 is meant to be a fun little game, and for the most part that’s what it is. The mini-games aren’t anything spectacular but they do have a good amount of strategy involved, which will probably make you try them more then once. The rest of the game stays pretty consistent and although it’s does not have the best gameplay in the world it stays pretty fun the whole time.


For those of you Shrek enthusiasts out there who have to have everything to do with the big green Ogre then you may want to think about picking up Shrek 2. For everyone else I just don’t know if there is enough in this game to really make you want to purchase it. Instead I would consider Shrek 2 to be a perfect rental title.

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