Silent Hill 4: The Room


It’s a little over a month until Halloween and we are already seeing a few scary games hit the market. Probably one of the most anticipated horror titles of the year is Konami’s very own Silent Hill 4: The Room which has just been released for both the PS2 and Xbox. So how does the PS2 version end up? Read our review to find out!


Before I dive into my review of Silent Hill 4: The Room I would first like to point out that I am fan of the Silent Hill series but many horror titles just haven’t been living up to the hype. Many of us are starting to get tired of the clunky cameras and the poor action in the game. Many are slowly starting to get turned off from the genre itself. So can Silent Hill 4: The Room give fans what they have been asking for? I would say for the most part it has.

In Silent Hill 4 you start off a little different then in previous iterations. This time you will be strolling around South Ashfield. You play as Henry Townshend, a pretty typical guy who starts to have some extremely intense dreams, along with some bad headaches. Basically you will find out that your apartment is now haunted and that you’re locked in tight. You end up looking around your apartment to end up finding a nice sized hole, with no other option he crawls through and what he discovers after going in the portal is what will lead you onto your journey through the game. Silent Hill 4: The Room still remains as scary as ever. The story takes plenty of twists and turns that will keep you up for quite a few nights. Konami did a nice job of creating plenty of spooky twists and turns to try and make you as scared as possible.

Silent Hill 4: The Room has two different viewing modes you will take part in during the game. You have the first person mode which is used while navigating around his apartment and the third person mode when you are going through the other worlds. The first person mode allows you to really take in the entire apartment as even the smallest details can have an impact on the game. The first person view is perfect for what it is attempting to accomplish but at sometimes it can get somewhat hard to maneuver around.

The third person action sequences of the game are good for the most part but there are some minor setbacks. In the third person view you will be going through your apartment portals into plenty of different worlds and environments. You know what that means don’t you, plenty of bad evil monsters to kill along the way. One of the minor setbacks of the game is the inventory system which could have used a little bit more work if you ask me. One of the biggest downsides to the game is the fact you can’t discard anything. So let’s say you need to pick up an item but you don’t have any slots left, well that could be a problem. This isn’t a huge problem at the beginning of the game but when you start having to carry more and more in the later parts of the game this can become quite a pain.

Of course while going through the levels the bad evil monsters don’t just stand there and look pretty. Although you can a lot of the times run around the enemies and get out of there way, most of the time you’re going to have to take these bad guys out. Henry will automatically aim at whatever is closest so that just leaves you button mashing until all of the enemies are dead. But instead of them being dead after you kill them you then have to stomp on them just to make sure. This feature is great at first but after a little while it just loses its flair and become more of an annoyance then anything.

Overall Silent Hill 4: The Room isn’t all that hard of a game as it will only take you ten to fifteen hours to complete. But what it is good at doing is staying interesting and scary throughout the game. The combat is good, but the inventory system could have been better. We are looking at a solid Silent Hill game with a good story and good enough gameplay to make most fans of the series happy.


The Silent Hill series has always been a good looking series. Mostly pride themselves on plenty of detail and their heavy amount of blood. Konami tried to keep the blood turning in The Room as well.

The visuals in the game are still very high on detail. The game of course looks at its best when the blood is spraying all over the place and the atmosphere is dark. The environments of the game carry plenty of detail and keep a very nice scary feel to them at all times. The monsters of the game are by far the best looking part of the game. They all have plenty of detail and look extra scary this year.

The only downside to the game’s visuals has to be the animation in the game. Although it’s not bad it doesn’t do a great job of keeping up with the rest of the game. Overall we are looking at a good looking game that just needed some slight tweaks in the animation department.

Fun Factor

Silent Hill 4: The Room was created in a way to make sure that you stay interested in the game throughout. The story is creepy enough to keep you interested and the graphics help to give you nightmares. The gameplay, although with flaws, still holds its own. Right when I put the game into my PS2 I was hooked and the fun lasted until the very end. I would have to say if you are a fan of the series you’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.


Do you like scary games? Are you a fan of the Silent Hill series? If you answer yes to either of these questions then this game is for you. If you didn’t answer yes but are still in the mood for a scary game you should defiantly give this game a shot.

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