Can you believe how much the music side of the video game industry has catapulted itself from the hidden areas of game shelves to center stage? Since the conception of games like Singstar, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, we have seen the music genre become one of the leading genres in terms of units sold and popularity. Today we are checking out the latest installment in Sony’s very popular singing game, Singstar 90’s for the Playstation 2. Does this game have what it takes to become a worthwhile addition to your Singstar lineup? Read our full review to find out.


With each of my reviews for Singstar titles I have to say I look at it in a 50/50 perspective. The songs that are chosen versus any new modes to play in. This is a game with nothing much in terms of new modes, except the duet mode, which as you guessed it, allows you to sing with a friend. Other than that all of the modes of previous games are remains intact and work great.

The mechanics that have made the Singstar titles infamous over the years return as well in this game and work just as well as before. If you have never played one of these titles then you’re in for a treat. The simple idea behind the game is that you want to sing the song in tune and in the right melody and pitch. If I am misusing the musical terms it’s because I am not musically gifted, and Singstar reminds me of it each time it comes out. However that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

For those wondering who made the cut in Singstar 90’s then here is the list of songs:

ALL SAINTS - Never Ever AQUA - Barbie Girl B-52’s - Love Shack BARENAKED LADIES - One Week BILLY RAY CYRUS - Achey Breaky Heart CRASH TEST DUMMIES - MMM MMM MMM MMM DIVINYLS - I Touch Myself EMF - Unbelievable GIN BLOSSOMS - Hey Jealousy LISA LOEB - Stay MC HAMMER - U Can’t Touch This MEREDITH BROOKS - Bitch M PEOPLE - Movin’ On Up NATALIE IMBRUGLIA - Torn NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - Step By Step NICK CAVE & KYLIE MINOGUE - Where the Wild Roses Grow POISON - Unskinny Bop RADIOHEAD - Creep REM - Everybody Hurts ROACHFORD - Only to be with You SAVAGE GARDEN - I Want You SEAL - Kiss From A Rose SIR MIX A LOT - Baby Got Back SPICE GIRLS - Wannabe SPIN DOCTORS - Two Princes TECHNOTRONIC FEAT. FELLY - Pump Up The Jam THE CARDIGANS - Lovefool THE CRANBERRIES - Zombie THE CURE - Friday I’m In Love WET WET WET - Love Is All Around

Being that this is a music game I can be a bit of a music critic and say that this is a rather poor job of getting the best music of the 90’s. I know Sony has a better back catalog than what is found here. That is not to say that there aren’t any winners here, Seal is always a favorite, and same with Radiohead, but Spice Girls, really? In the end, the music holds its own and the game still holds a lot of promise even if the playlist isn’t among the best of the 90’s.


If you have played a Singstar title in the past then you know what to expect here, as Sony really hasn’t changed up the visual presentation of the game since its conception. The only issue I have had is the EyeToy support, which looks terrible. I do hope when Sony does bring Singstar to the PS3 that the new camera gives off a better picture. In the end, Singstar 90’s still looks good even if you can’t match it with the use of your camera.

Fun Factor

Unless you’re just one of those people who can’t sing enough, this is a game that was created to play with people. There is something about singing in front of people that not only makes me want to run away and hide, but it also really gives a great "party" feel that has made video games great in the past and continues to in the present. As mentioned before I am one of the least musically inclined person out here, and yet I still loved playing this and more than anything loved laughing with friends and family who were singing as well.


If you like the song list and you like Singstar titles there is no reason why you should not pick up this game. However for those who are wondering if this game adds anything outside of music, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. Regardless another reasonably solid outing for Sony’s Singstar franchise.

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