It was not long ago when DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) burst onto the Arcade, becoming one of the few reasons still to go to an arcade. Until they brought DDR home and now with peripherals you can play your favorite music game on your console. With this idea of bundling peripherals and games has really spurred on some major new innovations, like Guitar Hero, taking a very simple idea of a guitar peripheral and running with it. Well today we are checking out another game that has both music and peripherals and it is SingStar Rocks! And it is now available for the Playstation 2. So is this game one worth singing your heart out to? Read our full review to find out!


So you have never heard of SingStar Rocks!? Don’t worry, because up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of it either, however after doing some research I found out that it is actually somewhat of a long standing series in Europe that has been extremely successful. Basically the game takes on a very similar premise to what we saw in Konami’s Karaoke Revolution, where you are judged on how well you sing a song, which for me is never an easy task. The big question is can SingStar Rocks! bring in that same sort of style and flair that has made Karaoke Revolution really a revolution in music games?

One of the instant surprises of SingStar Rocks! was that it comes complete with two microphones, which shows their desire to take this game into the multiplayer realm. The game hosts thirty songs that you will be able to belt out to your heart’s content. One of the big feature in SingStar Rocks! that is different from what we saw in previous Karaoke games is that this is one made to be accessible by everyone. You can see this by the extremely simplistic menu screens, and even during the singing portions of this game everything is made as plain as day. This helps when you’re trying to play with someone who isn’t as big of a gamer, and really allows for an easy and quick learning experience.

The single player portion of the game really doesn’t throw any surprises out at you. It basically works like many of the music games we have played in the past, in that you have a song that is played on screen and you are scored on the notes you hit. Miss too many notes and you fail the song, but if you can muster it up throughout the song, you can then unlock the rest of the game’s music lineup. Being that this is a Sony game, you can see some of the major benefits of this with just an extremely well versed lineup of music, including my all time favorite Elton John.

When you’re not playing this game by yourself, you can play it with friends and that is of course what any great karaoke experience is all about. SingStar Rocks! is a game that fully utilizes both microphones, and would make for a great game to play especially when paired with an EyeToy, which allows you to be in the game instead of watching the music videos. The multiplayer is just such an awesome experience, and has so much to offer that whether you play this game once in a while or every day this is a game that is simple and extremely fun to play.


Visually like I have mentioned earlier, SingStar Rocks! takes a very simplistic approach to the genre, making it very accessible to anyone who wants to play it. Literally if you have never played a video game in your life, you could probably figure this game out in a matter of a few minutes. SingStar Rocks! takes that simplistic look and stylizes it a bit to make for one very smooth looking game. Sure a little more flair would have been nice, but for what it’s worth SingStar Rocks! accomplishes what it needs to.

Fun Factor

SingStar Rocks! is all about having fun and that is exactly what the game manages to bring to you. The songs in this game are really some extremely mainstream songs, and although some may be a bit disappointed with their definition of "Rock", it still is a great lineup that most anyone would be able to find some songs they would enjoy. The game just takes a very simple concept and beautifully brings it all together into a very enjoyable music/karaoke experience that I think anyone with a musical desire would enjoy.


To say that SingStar Rocks! is a revolutionary game would definitely be going too far, however SingStar Rocks! just manages to combine a very simplistic format with just an extremely entertaining experience. This is a game that manages to bring in enough spunk from start to finish that anyone who loves to sing will love to play this game.

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