Sly 2: Band of Thieves


I can’t think of many things that are harder to do then to create a great game. But what about making a worthwhile sequel to a great game? Now back for his second run on the PS2, Sly Cooper and the gang are back to see if they can recapture the amazing glory it gave us in the first with Sly 2: A Band of Thieves for the PlayStation 2.


One of my favorite games of 2002 was by far Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racconnus. It hooked me with its slick graphics combined with by far the best platforming action that has hit the PlayStation 2. There was something about Sly that just made him such a neat character, with an interesting storyline, that just made this game just a whole lot of fun. Now Sucker Punch is back for their sequel to this ever-popular PS2 platforming title in Sly 2, a game that takes what was already great and makes it even better.

One of the best aspects of the first Sly experience was the storyline, which was quite simple yet enjoyable. It had all the characteristics that are needed to create a story that involves the right amount of humor, as well as a decent enough plot to keep you interested throughout the game. Well now the trio is back again (Sly, Bentley and Murray) to try and stop evil. What is really neat about the game is that it starts right where the last game ended up. You go and try to secure the parts of Clockworks robotic bird in order to prevent them from falling into enemy’s hands. But our trio can’t win all the time and ends up arriving too late as the parts are already gone. The parts have been scattered among the international criminal network and it’s now your job to go and gather the missing parts and save the world. And this time Sly’s not the only one in the action.

In this adventure Sly is not the only one jumping into the line of fire, as the rest of the gang is prepared to join him this time. There are some missions that require other areas of expertise that does not include Sly’s sneaky abilities. Each character feels and controls according to how you would expect them. So Murray is going to feel a little slower then the other two, where you will notice Bentley controls different from both the other two. Bentley is the brain, Murray’s the brawns, and Sly’s the stealth. What this does for the game is allows there to be more a lot more diversity in the game.

Each level consists of a number of different objectives you will have to complete in order to finish the level. Along with that comes various cut scenes that bring you up to date on the game’s storyline. These objectives vary from level to level and you will find that the variety of objectives is very high.

The only downside to Sly’s previous outing was the length of the game, which ended up being a bit on the short side, wrapping things off around ten hours. Well in Sly 2, they really ended up doubling that in making a game that will take most people around twenty hours to complete. Now that’s a good solid amount of gameplay time.

What is so great about Sly 2 is the mere fact that there is never a dull moment. When the gameplay starts to get tough, the humour in the game kicks in and vice versa.

Sly 2 is jam-packed with a whole lot more action and a whole lot more attitude. With that being said, what I am most thankful for is that it hasn’t strayed away from the original Sly formula, which worked so well in the first. Sly 2: A Band of Thieves is a game that wasn’t meant to be overly challenging but instead was created to give you the best platforming action on the market today, and for that they succeeded. The only downside that I could come up with is the lack of replay value, because there is really no reason to go back through the game after completing it.


When the original Sly Cooper first hit the market the graphics got plenty of praises along with the gameplay. The original combined a very unique style with some cel shading to provide some of the best platforming graphics to ever hit the PS2. Now Sucker Punch has their work cut out for them if they were going to improve upon the already great graphics of the original. Could they possibly make the graphics better? The simple answer is yes.

When we thought we had some greatness in the first, Sucker Punch comes back with even better graphics. The character models of Sly 2 now have a lot more attitude and a lot more detail. The same style is still in place in the game and therefore you will find that the game goes above and beyond what they did on the first. The level of detail and the amount of work that you can see went into creating the graphics of this game is just utterly remarkable. I cannot say enough about how well the graphics work for the game.

It has been so long since I have seen a game that went for so much and accomplished it all. Sucker Punch went for a very stylish gaming experience and they succeeded, with flying colors.

Fun Factor

When you put it all together, Sly 2 was created for one reason, and one reason alone, and that is to be fun. And let me tell all of you right now that this game provided me with non-stop fun. This game combines a great storyline with superb gameplay, and slick graphics, to give you an experience that is just non-stop fun. And although there isn’t a whole lot of replay value to the game it does do enough to make one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences to hit the PS2 so far this year.


Sly 2: A Band of Thieves combines great gameplay, with great graphics, and a very funny storyline, to create a game that I would recommend to everyone. This is a game that if you enjoy having fun, is worth the purchase.

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