Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves


I don’t like to bring in my personal preference into my reviews, but in the case of the Sly Cooper series, I really have to be quite honest with you all and say this is one of my favorite series of all time. It’s not because it is an overly complex series, or that it has the most amazing visuals ever, but instead because it has a single purpose in mind and sticks to it all the way. Well now into its third game in the series, can Sly Cooper possibly come back again and steal gamer’s hearts with another great game? Read our full review of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves for the Playstation 2 to find out!


Having played the last few Sly Cooper games I must say that the series has improved immensely from the first game to the second game. In Sly 2 we saw the ability to use both of Sly’s compatriots Bentley and Murray, and this added a whole new level to the game in which I felt improved the overall experience of Sly Cooper immensely. Well now Sucker Punch (the developers) is back with some new features, a new playable character, and even the ability to use 3D glasses. So do all of these new features make this a must have purchase?

The story of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves picks up right after Sly 2, with the brains of the group, Bentley, being confined to a wheelchair after being mistakenly injured by Murray. Well basically you won’t be seeing much of Murray for the first part of the game, as he feels like he messed everything up and goes off to "find himself". The story is still very much the same sort of style that we have seen in both games, and of course has you going on a mission to go retrieve the family treasure. The story is still as enjoyable as ever and has the same sort of light humor that is fun for all ages.

The one feature that makes its debut on Sly 2 continues to be further refined here in Sly 3, are the mini-games. They are even more relevant in Sly 3 as well, mainly because most of the levels include a lot of platforming and a lot of mini games. Before we talk about the mini games, let’s talk about the platforming aspects, which has been improved from the previous Sly Cooper game but not a whole lot. You can see that all of the characters have some new moves and some different abilities and all three characters seem to handle just a little bit better then they did in the previous game. The controls also seem a little more fluid and responsive this time around.

Going off what I said earlier, mini games are something that truly drive the whole Sly 3 experience, and you can see that the developers really went for it this time around. I found myself nine out of ten times loving the mini games and just finding that the developers did a great job of not making the game too repetitive, and in turn making the game very fluid and very enjoyable. The only problem I had with the mini-games is that at times they took you too far away from what was great about Sly Cooper in the first place, and that is the simple platforming elements that were extremely fun. With that being said, the mini-games were still a solid addition to the game and it truly did make my overall experience even more enjoyable.

Like I mentioned earlier the game does include some 3D missions. Although they are few and far between, the game does not put any burden on you if you do not want to use the glasses. These missions are fun, but to be honest, the whole idea didn’t really change my experience all that much. With that being said the missions were still enjoyable and you have to commend Sucker Punch for not resting on their laurels and just sticking with what worked from previous games and trying something new.

Sly 3 is just as deep as Sly 2, and the whole difficulty level of the game is I would say in the medium area. Sly 3 of course has some great memorable boss battles, and the whole game stays true to what made the series great in the beginning. Although we started to see some signs of camera issues these never really plagued the gameplay too much as it wasn’t a constant occurrence. Sly 3 is the same great Sly adventure with another character, more mini-games, and even better controls. This may not be the perfect playing Sly Cooper but it still is impressive.


One of the unique characteristics of any Sly Cooper game is the visuals, which since their original form in the first game has always been drop dead gorgeous. It is something about the cel shading that the developers use for this game that truly amazes not only me but fans of the series alike. Well what surprised me about Sly 3 was that the developers kicked the presentation up another notch to a spot where I truly felt really made this game one of the best looking series the Playstation 2 has ever seen.

The character models are what really stand out in my model as they have even more of a distinct detailed look then before that if you just sit back and look at you can really appreciate. Also Sly 3 consists of plenty of great environments and the developers once again did a great job of choosing a variety of locations to play at to really spread the look of the game and this once again really helps the overall presentation of the game. Sly 3 is still an amazing looking game that if you like cel-shading you’re going to love the look of this game.

Fun Factor

I have to admit I really did not think Sucker Punch was going to come through in this game, mainly because I felt that it didn’t seem like they were doing much new with this latest title. Well let me just start by saying this game proved me wrong. That mainly is because of the amount of variety you have when playing throughout the game, and this is both in mini-games and in the platforming. And although the 3D missions weren’t as impressive as I would have liked, I still enjoyed the fact that the developers went out of their way and tried to make something different.


Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves may not be as huge of a jump as Sly 2 was to the original, the game still makes forward strides and comes out with a very solid platforming game. If you liked the first two Sly Cooper experiences, then you need to get off the couch right now and run out and go purchase this game, because the action is even better this time around.

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